Little Eagles Elementary School

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Hello Fifth Grade Families!

October 7th, 2013

We hope this letter finds you and your family comfortably flowing into the school year routine and in good health. For each unit in our content areas you can expect either a monthly newsletter or short letter to help lay the foundation for what is expected and will occur during the unit. We encourage you and your student to sit down and discuss the information as well as the expectations that will have been relayed to the student to ensure nothing but success.

We are very excited to begin our first science unit of the year! As we are shifting out of the autumn weather into the cold and snowy season it seemed only fitting to focus our unit on Antarctica!

During our two-week exploration into "The Great White Desert," we will focus on the climate of Antarctica as well as exploring some of the many creatures that call this land home. From food chains, to explorers and scientists that have impacted the culture of Antarctica, to analyzing Arctic explorer, Ernest Shackleton and his Endurance Expedition we will be covering a wide range of topics in this unit. It will all culminate with the viewing of the film about Shackleton's expedition, Shackleton's Antarctic Adventures. All of information will expand on students' already existing knowledge on glaciers, cold weather climates and the adaptations that even humans have to encounter in extreme cold weather.

We encourage you to question your fifth grader about what he/she has been learning and participating in during their science unit. This unit is serving as a very student-driven instruction time with minimal guidance from the teachers. Students will be pushed to challenge their own thinking and explore further into areas that they find interesting!

We anticipate excellent ideas and creativity by the students in their work on Antarctica and cannot wait to begin studying about this unique and vastly diverse area. If any questions or concerns arise from either you or your student, please contact us immediately, with email being the most effective mode. We believe each student will have great success with this unit and will really challenge themselves in some new ways!

(If you or another member of your family is interested in helping out or can provide any resources for any of the topics covered above, please contact your child's teacher. We will be doing this unit beginning Monday, October 14. Science instruction time is during the afternoon, normally around 1:15-2:15.)

Educationally Yours,

The Fifth Grade Teachers

Ms. Jessica Brown

Mrs. Deanna Jordan