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Fast Facts

  • Germany is in the continent of Europe
  • The capital of Germany is Berlin
  • The population of Germany is about 80,854,408 people
  • The language of Germany is mainly German
  • Germany's religion include Catholics, Christians, and Muslims
  • And the distance from Berlin, Germany to Washington D.C. is 4,184.75 mi

What foods are in Germany ?

  • Germans enjoy eating lots of meat like fish, pork, and beef
  • Like to eat fresh foods from the grocery store
  • But fast food is extremely popular in Germany (Hamburgers came for Germany)

What kind of housing does Germany have ?

  • People in urban places live in large cities and big apartments
  • People in rural places have traditional thatched-roof houses
  • But a lot of people don't have houses they usually just rent homes

What about education ?

  • First kids start at primary school at the age of 6 for 4 years
  • Then the children divide into 3 groups (among their skill)
  • The kids with the highest grade level go to Gymnasium for 8-9 years

What is the climate of Germany ?

  • Winters are usually wet in Germany
  • Temperature's between 35 degrees Fahrenheit
  • And Summers are mild
  • Temperature's between 64 degrees Fahrenheit

What do Germans do for fun ?

Sports include swimming, skiing, cycling, tennis, and fuseball (a.k.a soccer)

What can I do when I visit Germany ?

  • Listen to music/opera/orchestra
  • Go to a theater
  • Visit a history museum
  • Or visit the German castles
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