Roadrunner Report

The rundown on Ridgewood Elementary - September 13, 2020

Principal Perspective - Mission: Possible

We are so excited to launch our school year! Our Leadership Team has chosen Mission: Possible as our theme for the year, as we know that although we are facing many challenges, we will make this year possible!

Thank you to all of the families who were able to attend our Meet & Greet and to those who have picked up supplies from us. We will continue to have regular materials exchange so that we can get books, written work and other supplies to and from our families. Stay tuned for details.

I encourage all families to use the Seesaw Family app to track student tasks and communicate with your teacher. We will use school wide and individual announcements in Seesaw to share important information with families. In the app (in the gear icon) you can change your notification type and frequency to meet your needs. Know that, instead of lost in your email inbox, you can find the info you need each day right in the Seesaw app. I have included a link below to a variety of videos and instructions on how to set up Seesaw. If you have questions, please let us know!

Linked below is also the BSD Family Toolkit - full of video resources to help your family launch this school year. Included are ways to set up a learning space and routine - both essential for student success in Comprehensive Distance Learning.

Our first PTC meeting is this week on Tuesday evening (details below). At Ridgewood, all parents are members of our PTC and invited to attend the monthly meetings. The focus of this month's meeting will be welcoming our new members and registering to volunteer. Following each PTC meeting I host a Principal Chat for families. This week I will host that on Wednesday from 11:00-12:00. Please use this Zoom link to join me.

Finally, if your family is in need of any supplies, internet service, device or other items for a successful school year, please reach out to us (503-356-2440)! We have a lot of resources we can connect you with, and want to support you in a successful school year.

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Counseling Corner - Mrs. Mason

I hope you are doing well. I was very lucky to meet some of you at our Meet and Greets last week. I hope to keep getting to know everyone in the coming weeks and months. As we head into the new (virtual) school year, I realize many of you may be experiencing a mix of excitement, nervousness, happiness, and uncertainty. Please know that all your feelings are normal and valid! I have created a Ridgewood School Counseling website, to assist families with back-to-school resources, resources for adapting to comprehensive distance learning, and general information about me and the Ridgewood counseling program. Check it out, and reach out if you need anything at all! 😊

-Mrs. Mason

PTC Meeting - All parents are invited!

Topic: September PTC Meeting | Volunteering & General PTC Information
Time: Sep 15, 2020 06:30 PM General Meeting Time
Join Zoom Meeting:

Kindergarten Start

Our Kindergarten Team will use the first two days of the school year (September 14th and 15th) for individual meetings (on Zoom) with each kindergartner and their family to meet each child and learn about them. Wednesday the 16th will be used as a day for teachers to continue perfecting their Distrance Learning Strategies, and connecting with families. September 17th will be the first day for Kindergarten students with last names beginning with letters A-L. Finally Friday the 18th will be the first day fro students with last names starting with M-Z. Full Kindergarten schedules will start on Monday, September 21st. Ms. Curtis and Ms. Simantel will send you more details in their welcome messages.

Ridgewood Calendar

See the full year calendar here.

Please note the calendar was updated on August 24, with a move of the February grading day


  • Monday, 9/14 - First day of school for grades 1-5, all online.
  • Monday 9/14 & Tuesday 9/15 - Kindergarten Connection appointments
  • Tuesday, 9/15, 6:30p.m. - PTC Meeting
  • Wednesday, 9/16 - First Wellness Wednesday
  • Wednesday, 9/16, 11:00-12:00 - Principal Chat for Families
  • Thursday, 9/17 - Kindergartners, Last Names A-L attend
  • Friday, 9/18 - Kindergartner, Last Names M-Z
  • Monday, 9/21 - All Kindergartners attend


  • Wednesday, 10/8 - Instruction Wednesday due to no school Friday
  • Friday, 10/9 - No School, Staff Development Day


  • Monday, 11/16 - First possible day students could be in the building. However, statewide metrics for returning to the building must be met in order for us to open our building to students.

**No fall or spring conferences are scheduled this year.**

New Technology IA- Welcome Mr. Jones!

I am the human being known as Kelven Jones. If I had to use 1 word to describe myself it would be "Architect", the verb version. Making connections and creating community is my jam! I joke that I dislike small talk, so I try to turn small talk into medium talk with hopes of understanding the larger picture.

I am a PSU alumni with a BS in Social Science and a background in all things multimedia. I enjoy the process of creating which has allowed me to collaborate with some pretty cool community organizations. Beyond my creative ventures, I spend a fair amount of time practicing ways to say “No” to my teenage son and daughter but haven’t quite figured out how to implement the techniques in real-time. I'm really looking forward to engaging, learning, and experiencing this school year with everyone here at Ridgewood.

Got paper bags?

As we prepare to send learning materials home on a regular basis, we would love a stock of paper bags to fill. If you have any, please drop them off on our porch. Thank you!

Volunteering at Ridgewood

Yes, there will be many opportunities for virtual volunteering, and you can volunteer as much or as little as your schedule permits.

In addition to parents, grandparents, family, and friends are also welcome to volunteer. First, they have to complete the background check and be approved to volunteer to Ridgewood. These steps, like many others, ensure a safe environment for the students. Volunteers check in/out of the Beaverton School District’s Volunteer Management System. We call it “MyVP”. MyVP keeps record of when and where volunteers volunteer.

To join our Volunteer Taem:

  • Get started early – Get your background check completed and get registered in MyVP! This can take a few weeks.

  • Complete online at

  • ---> Click the Community tab, on the drop down menu click Volunteer, then click the yellow box that corresponds to your role: Parent/Guardian, Community Member (grandparents use this one), or Youth, then use the “I am new” side of the page to start the process
  • Please feel free to contact your Volunteer Coordinator Team anytime!

Stand by as we find the best ways for volunteers to join us in our online learning environment this fall!


The paper box top collection program has been discontinued by General Mill, so we are no longer collecting box tops at school. However, you can still earn money for Ridgewood; if you see the label below, simply use the new Box Tops app to scan your receipt. Box Tops are still worth the same amount and what’s great is the app will instantly add cash to the school’s earnings online. Find more info here.