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Aadu Magaadra Bujji Movie Review

Prema Katha success of his previous film Chitram Mahesh Babu 's brother in law who is experienced, tried his hand at this time of mass entertainment. Performance was released on December Magadra Bujji 7. Read how to do it... What is it ? Tipu 's ( Sudhir ) is a more serious brother Cherry ( Randhir ), who is tamil songs download Hindu ( Asmita ), falls tamil songs download in love. In order to get involved in cherry, Tipu 's former love who respects ( Poonam ), the him. But to achieve his goal of wanting to marry Anjali Shankar ( Ajay ) is an early goon tamil songs download and Plant politician is. Now the king of hearts playing with cherry and Shankar tribute to marry.

Events : Sudheer Babu is the right thing. He has a six pack ABS sported in the film, he looked masculine and tough enough to accommodate participants. He can do a bit more work outcomes. Asmita Sood Telugu film heroine is pretty average, and low ceyalpataenna ! Ajay is a good villain. Randhir and Poonam Kaur is adequate. Suman, Naresh, such as the Seniors did their bit. Dog plays a key role in this film.

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It with funny dialogue. Money campatippate Director Krishna Reddy Gangadasu film follows the style of the Eighties. It takes a pretty old fashioned script and execution. Comedy film by the director of the bank tried to save. There are tamil songs download a few good laughs, but you have to sit through the film without cringing about the typical fee is not enough. Music is by Sri mediocre. Cinema is better.

Editing could have been better in the second half. Study : Most of the time the hero uses his brain has the capacity to Magadra Bujji and flexes his muscles necessary only when there is a standard template image. You 've already seen tons of pictures and churning out the same spices as well, you can give it a try. In the second half compared to the first half of the film is difficult. AMB plot is as old as Charminar and Telugu has been beat to death, as well as all the Indian languages ​​. Sudheer Babu found to be labeled as a mass hero. Otherwise, the young hero, we see no reason to take this old picture.

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But he's a hobby and later on various Prema Katha Chitram should not have done this film. This is asking for trouble, but there's nothing that gets it. Ability Magadra Bujji C center audience. Typical masala movie lovers find it very plain and boring film. How many times we fight climax when the hero and villain of all time, only fools and beats him to see? Manny, no tamil songs download ? AMB see your own risk.

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Prema Ishq Kadhal Story Line

Prema directed by Pawan poll Sadineni ish romantic hero is cast in three pairs. The film is out in theaters now. What is it ? The film is about three couples love life. Raju ( Vishnu ) -, Randhir ( Harshavardhan Rane ), Samira ( Ritu ) - Sarayu ( Vithika ), Arjun ( Harish ) - Shanti (Srimukhi) go through different situations, there are three pairs face the same fate. As the title suggests, the film ' Love ', the director believes that this could be one of our story. Events : Harshavardhan Rane did a couple of films, he is not an tamil songs download alien cameras. Hoping to find his portrayal of his character.

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Vishnu With his easy-going and playing is easy. Harish is exactly as crooked minded lover. Ritu Verma girl steals the show in the middle of the tracks. He is supremely confident and looks very beautiful eyes. It is not up to the mark and somehow managed to pull Vithika Srimukhi. Other characters are not much to talk about. Rajesh character to be funny, but it did not turn as expected.

Money campatippate As an tamil songs download ace film director Pawan Sadineni handled. He knows the art of film before the technology is high, it is a clean and quality tamil songs download image. However, he did not put down in writing in this movie is just one more. PIK is a strong script can do wonders. Good songs by Shravan. All the songs are very impressive. Takes the cake is equally good music and cinematography.

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Quality technology as a low-budget film in Tollywood is very rare. PIK team can hold their heads high in this release. Study : Many good points, but it's dull script before the PIK teams lost. Perhaps he is the tamil songs download director of this film shorts and did not put much effort. None of the characters really appeal to you and which you can not identify yourself. Poorly etched characters and stories as well. Love stories are not strong enough to engage you emotionally.

All the stories end on a rough note when you can not feel a pinch. The director did not get to the right end of the shift. However, in the second half better than the first half and has some good moments. PIK good music, attractive visuals and the star cast is possible. Because it is lazy and poor pacing, except that the script did not hold the viewers attention. The film is aimed at young audiences and the city. They passed it marks if they got the right script, the tamil songs download film may still be able to reach. Check out the rocking soundtrack !

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