The Revolutionary War

By: Cora, Brenna, and Joseph

What Was The Revolutionary War About?

The Revolutionary War was mostly caused by how there were difficulties between England and the American Colonies. But it was important because it allowed the American States to create a democratic federal government.

It all started in 1775, when all the men were starting to get into their Red and Blue. And also getting the weapons ready for battle; Musket, Pistol, Cannon and Saber...but the Musket was most commonly used. Alot of people at that point and time were getting Blood Letting, and that was when most of the doctors knowledge of medical issues was very basic and were often flawed.

More Info On the Revolutionary War

A little more info for you on the Revolutionary War

Most people asked questions but in the first paragraph most of them were answered. But here is some more information, and here is the question: "What were the popular foods during this time period?", wow...Well here is your answer: Bread, Meat, and a "gill" of dry beans. "What kind of accents were there?", mostly British accents..sometimes French. "When did it end?", (by "it" they mean The Revolutionary War) the war ended in 1783.

And that is the story of the day!

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