Predictive Analytics for Publishers

Maximizing your Author Investments

A Book Sales Generating Machine

We help publishers to make important decisions by providing insights into what topics are trending and what topics they should focus more or less about. But most importantly, our predictive analysis engine is able to recommend what topics publishers should cover right now to be on top of future trends. Simply put, it’s a book sales generating machine!

Our service is an analytics service for publishers. Where web services such as Google Analytics tells you what has happened and real-time analytics providers tell you what’s currently happening, we aim to tell you what will happen.

To do so, we analyze how a publisher’s content matches demand in order to provide predictive, actionable insight to drive additional views for each book. We do this using semantic analysis, in order to inform publishers what topics are most in demand on their own data itself as well as across the web, plus how fast topics are trending.

In addition to content analysis, we can also track, among others, trends related to individual authors, showing who’s the most read on which topics, and who is getting the most inbound links.

You can also leverage our platform to build a recommendation engine. Recommendations are tailored to specific users and user profiles are stored, to build a base of information and browsing habits on specific users whether they’re anonymous or not.