JaQorie Goodson

Country basics

The name of the country is Greece. The capital of the country is Athens. The flag from that country and the meaning behind the flag. nine equal horizontal stripes of blue alternating with a blue square beaming white cross symbolizes Greek orthodoxy
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The location (what continent it's on and what countries surround it) Albania, Macedonia sea. major landmarks (human Geographic features) Greek. Major bodies of water aeaean sea. it just bring a lot of heat.


What type of government does the country have parliamentary republic. Who is the leader appoints. How are the leaders chosen they are elect. They have to lisintent to the presdent.


Is it rich nation or a poor nation rich nation. What kined of money 2.202. food and beverage manutactured 8.64 births 11.09 deaths.


The history of grecce encompasses the history of the territory of the modern state of grecce as well as that of greek habitation and rule has varid much through the age and as a result. the story of sraece is similanly elastir in what it includes.