fragile ecosystems

daintree rain forest by amber Frazer class 5/6p


The Daintree rain forest is located in north Queensland near Port Douglas, it has been there for 20,000 years. the Daintree rain forest is about 1200 kilometers it is one of Australia's most beautiful scenes.there are 30% of frog marsupial species 20% of bird the dain tree rain forest.

flora found in ecosystem

the types of flora that can be found in the Daintree rain forest is ferns, hoop pine trees, lace bare grass, flowers, leafs, conjure vines and fan palm . These are the different plants in the Daintree rain forest.

Fauna found in the Daintree rain forest

These are the types of animals that can be found in the

Daintree forest : moths, earthworms, butterfly's, beetles, termites, land mullet, ticks, flies, green python, wasps and land leeches.

Green tree Python

The Green tree Python spends most of its time up in trees and prefers to live in areas such as forest and tall grasses so the Daintree rain forest is a perfect habitat for the Green tree Python.

The Green tree Python can get up to 6 1/2 feet long when fully grown.

It feeds on rodents, reptiles and other smaller animals.

The Green tree Python does not do well in captivity and their habitat is often at risk by people, as the loggers continue to clear areas where they live.

location of the Daintree rainforest

location of the Daintree rain forest is shaded in black

interesting facts

home to 50% of the worlds animals and plant life . there are rain forest in america south and north Africa and Australia. without rain forest creatures will lose their habitat and be wiped out.

climate of the rain forest

the rain forest is warm and dense and the temperature averages around 20-30 degrees Celsius. the Daintree rain forest is an example of a tropical environment and has around 120 days of rain a year which would usually occur in heavy down pours of rain.

layers of the rain forest

these are the layers of the rain forest emergent ; are the giant trees that are homes for birds and insects. canopy are the leafy area of the trees and is home to many birds , insects , reptiles and mammals. under story ; this is the area under the leaves but is above the ground this area is very warm and receives very little light. forest floor; this area is very warm and the largest animals in the rain forest live here.

threats and dangers

Daintree rain forest has a history of over 1350000 years here are some natural disasters it has survived volcanoes rising waters and floods.

Logging: has affected the Daintree rain forest as the high demand for timber therefore timber mills were built which has caused pollution to this area from fossil fuels.

Mining: is a threat to the Daintree rain forest as tin mining leases are held around the area and if people were to start mining here a lot of animal and plant life would be lost.

Tourism: is affecting the Daintree rain forest because buses and cars drive through the rain forest and because of the increase of tourism in the area as the Great Barrier Reef is also nearby there is a demand for the area to be built up to accommodate tourist.

Development: is affecting the Daintree rain forest as there is more emigration moving to North Queensland as the cost of living is lower and therefore a higher demand for public housing which leads to more roads, fencing and sewage in the area. This is not good for the flora and fauna of the Daintree rain forest and puts the animals here in danger as they may cross roads in search for food.

by amber frazer