Social Emotional Development

Birth to age Two


  • the quality of reaction from an action
  • passivity, irritability,and activity are some patterns
  • passivity relates to actively involved with surroundings


  • is a strong connection to someone else
  • sings of anxiety begin in the 6 month mark
  • separation anxiety is clear in the 9th month
  • the strongest sing is in the 15 month period
  • children mainly attach to care takers
  • children depend on them for safety

Changes over time

1-3 months
  • children do not have refined emotions (general)
  • child may smile, looking alert, and wiggling
  • infant cries when in distress
3-6 months
  • child will respond to people with smiles
  • infant begins to notice and smile at others
  • tears will begin to appear
6-12 months
  • child become active with caregivers
  • express happiness, joy, and surprise

12-24 months

  • separation anxiety is the strongest at this point