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Elbow Connector Cables Supplier And Manufacturer India

Elbow connection are getting used for numerous electrical appliances. They are primarily created from stainless-steel for the aim of corrosion resistance and used for versatile conduit.

A range of Elbow Connectors are accessible within the market. but some points should be taken into thought whereas creating the acquisition of elbow connectors. It ought to be safer to the touch with electrical phenomenon take a look at purpose. The quicker installation with simple application are a few things helps within the usage of elbow connectors. It ought to even have the feature of UV radiation resistant with non-corrosive characteristics. They are mainly used to connect,join or fix two separate pipes together. Pipeline fittings play a major role in transference of water in lawns, houses and gardens. Apart from joining pipes and transferring water, these fixtures of elbow connectors also maintain the quality of water and stop leakage of pipe. They afford a high degree of water resistance contaminating materials. These fixtures are extremely long-lasting and durable and do not break easily. Apart from elbow connectors there are various fixtures and fittings available within the market like end caps, reducer brushing, couplings, long sweeps, primers, wyes and sanitary tees.

Various Elbow Connector Cables Suppliers India came into existence offering these connectors along with many more cable accessories at very affordable price. Yamuna Cable Accessories Pvt. Ltd. (YCAPL) is one of the leading Elbow Connector Cables Manufacturer company working from around 3 decades. YCAPL is an ISO certified Company, specialized in Development, Cable Jointing Kits & Accessories, Manufacturing & Marketing of Power Cables Accessories, Heat Shrink Cable Joints, Pre-Moulded Slip-On, Heat Shrinkable Tubing, Cold Shrink Tubing, Cold Shrink Joints, Tapex , Resin Pour and almost all types of Cable Jointing Accessories upto 66 kV. YCAPL is a reputated firm expert in customer service, innovative engineering and trust and their products meet the highest standards of excellence for durability, functionality and design.

Its a one shop for all types of Cable Jointing Accessories like Resin Pour, Heat Shrinkable, Tapex, Cold Shrink Type, Insulators and Pre-Moulded Slip-On. Company is offering best quality of products with compromising with the quality and exceeding the required values and standards. The products of YCAPL are authorized by International standards like IS, IEC, BS, VDE, DIN etc. Company works for clients of all levels providing hem the solutions with International and national standards.

DSSC Screened, Separable Connection System 630 A 24 kV are Elbow connector cables provided by this firms which consist some special features such as:

  • These connectors are Safe to touch

  • Have Capacitive test point

  • Faster installation

  • In-built stress control providing high stress control properties

  • Minimum jointer ability

  • Easy application

  • Unlimited self-life

  • Outstanding mechanical, electrical & properties chemical

  • UV resistant and Non-corrosive and

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Yamuna Cable Accessories Pvt. Ltd.

Yamuna Cable Accessories Pvt. Ltd. (YCAPL) is one of the leading company dedicated for manufacturing, designing and supplying of Elbow Connector Cables and we are responsible for the production of cable accessories including Electrical Power Cables , Power Cable Jointing Kits and many more.

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