K-2 Team Newsletter

August 10-14

Principal's Message

Yay...we have the first week of virtual learning under our belts! We made it through the good, the bad, and the ugly (LOL). Take time to reflect on this week and identify the successes that you can extrapolate for next week. We do NOT expect perfection as we move into content this week. With that being said, yes, this is going to be hard for Type A personalities like myself. Remember, you all are doing a tremendous job and our scholars and families are so lucky to have you as their teachers!

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Deans of Academics

General Academic Deliverables

  1. Please double check that your small groups have issued invitations to all scholars in that group. We have many kids that signed up for Google Classroom this week and we want to make sure they see all their own live lessons each day.

  2. The only grades K-2 teachers will be responsible for giving their students through Labor Day are the 2 small group rubric grades (1 ELA, 1 Math) and the Friday Exit Ticket grade (1 ELA, 1 Math) per student. Please do not worry about creating and administering additional assessments- we will skip any other official assessments for now in CKLA Knowledge, Skills and Math Participation Rubric Link

    1. Please input all student grades for the week of August 10th - August 14th by 5 pm Monday, August 17th.

  3. Monday - Thursday Record 1 Skills lesson per classroom per day to post to your Google Classroom by 5 pm for students who were absent (only assign the video to absent scholars; this is in order to be in compliance with FERPA).

    1. How To Guide to Recording Zoom Meetings

    2. The students listed below are the only students without a media release so please do not record their small groups to post.

K - Eleanor Renfro, K- Milah Watkins, K- Kynleigh Johnson, K- Christian Leavell, 1- Robert Etter Jr., 2- Walter Martinez- Herrera, 2- Kayli Munoz Herrera

    1. Deans will delete recordings each week on Friday (this is also so we are in compliance with FERPA).

4. Absent Scholars for Math: Monday-Thursday- Post the “student-paced” link into

Google Classroom and assign to the absent scholars.

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  • Copy the link

  • Paste the link into Google Classroom and assign to the missing scholars

5. The School Reading A to Z username and password have changed for the 2020-2021

school year.


ELA Deliverables, Updates, and Reminders

Week of Friday, August 7th to Friday, August 14th

  1. Grade Level Group IPP Meetings - Lesson for discussion submitted by 5 pm to AFT. See below for a link to your grade bands schedule.

  2. All videos and Exit Tickets for the week of August 17th are due in Google Classroom by 5 pm on Friday, August 14th.

    1. Each lead uploads their Knowledge lesson video as designated in the Course Blueprint.

    2. Knowledge Content leads will also submit the Exit Ticket that students will complete on Friday, August 21st.

    3. AT responsible for the Skills lesson video for the week of August 14th as designated in the Course Blueprint will upload video to all google classrooms.

  3. Directions for accessing the CKLA Digital Materials: CKLA Digital Materials Directions

Due by Friday, August 14th EOD

  • Complete the IPP Process for Skills Lessons 4 and 5 using the Skills IPP Template to guide you.

    • Submit the lesson for your grade level’s IPP meeting for the week of August 17th to AFT. See Group IPP schedule linked above for the specific lesson.

  • All CKLA Videos and Exit Tickets


Math Deliverables, Updates, and Reminders

Week of Friday, August 7th to Friday, August 14th

Week of August 10th- 14th

FYI - Beginning this week, I’ll be popping around to observe and potentially filming your Mathlesson. Recording videos is a requirement of the AF program to ensure I am giving you the best feedback possible. You don't have to do anything extra on your end...just wanted to give you a heads up!

Group IPP Meetings (Kinder Monday, 2nd Grade Tuesday, 1st Grade Wednesday- MJ sent invites on 7/29):


Turn in Annotated Lesson 4 to Molly by 8/7

Meeting Agenda:

Group IPP Process of Lesson 4

Weekly Check-In (2nd Grade Tuesday, Kindergarten/1st Grade Friday- MJ sent invites on 7/29)




Batch Feedback and Practice

Due by Friday, August 14th EOD

  • Complete the IPP Process using the Independent IPP Checklist for all lessons for week of August 10th (See Course Blueprint for clarification if needed)

  • Email Molly (Kinder- Lesson 6, 1st Grade- Lesson 8, 2nd Grade- Lesson 7) annotated using the Independent IPP Checklist (You can annotate on Kami or annotate hard copy and send pictures)

  • Complete this AF Survey - It should only take you around 30 seconds to complete

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Dean of Culture

Congratulations on your First Week Back to School!! Thank you for all of your efforts ensuring that our scholars are receiving everything they need for a successful school year! DeansList Uniform Infractions begin next week. Uniform infractions can only be saved on Homeroom Rosters. You must first add your Homeroom Roster.

Follow these steps on DeansList to Add Homerooms for Uniform Infractions: Record Student Data - Uniform - Add your Homeroom - Save at the bottom of the screen.

Follow these steps on DeansList to Document a Uniform Infraction:

Record Student Data - Uniform - Select your Homeroom - Mark each student In/Out of Uniform.

Absence Calling Support

Going into Week 2, Gamble and Trimble will be assisting with absence calling so that you can focus on rolling out content. Please ensure you are accurately taking your attendance. Trimble will continue to send her round-up attendance emails by 2:15 pm each day so you can make adjustments in case you missed marking someone.

Going into Week 3, teachers will be responsible for reaching out to absent families. If after reaching out twice in a week, please contact Ms. Trimble so that she can assist and move along the attendance progression process.

Please continue to reach out with any questions/support with Uniform Rosters, DeansList, Attendance, Scholars of Concern, and Technology Needs!

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Dean of SEL

Thank you so much for your hard work this week! Classes looked joyful, and engaged! I will be popping in to do more observations of scholars this week, and taking notes on scholars who are/have been referred for services. Please reach out for support with scholars! Individual sessions are currently being scheduled and will begin this week. The first SEL lesson is a virtual learning social story that will be posted by Monday morning!

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Teachers do NOT have an action item of setting up gradebooks this year. Their first Illuminate action item will be to log into Illuminate and enter their first assignment. Eva sent an email with login information so please check your email for next steps. You will be entering grades this week and moving forward for your small group instruction utilizing the virtual learning rubric and the weekly Friday quiz grades.

Ms. Gamble Support

She has volunteered to have Tech Office Hours - starting this week from 2:00-3:00 pm (Mon-Thurs) on Zoom for families who are struggling with technology. The Zoom link is below! THANK YOU SO MUCH MS. GAMBLE!

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 956 4758 1681

Passcode: eep123

Tech Support for Non-English Speaking Families

Families that need an interpreter now have a direct line that will connect them with an interpreter and the Help Desk. Families can call (615) 259-8787 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m for tech support in their home language.

PD Schedule (subject to change)

August 14th - SEL PD

August 21st - DEI PD

August 28th - Professional Development Day

September 4th - Mental Health Day (No PD before Labor Day)

K-2 Scholar Birthdays

Here is a link to the scholar birthdays for our K-2 friends and it’s also linked in the quick docs! LINK: K-2 Scholar Birthdays

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Upcoming Events

August 10th

  • Kindergarten Math Group IPP 2:00-3:00

  • First Grade ELA Group IPP 2:00-3:00

  • Second GLM @ 2:30

  • Rokicki’s Support PD for Families 6:00-7:00

August 11th

  • Second Grade Math Group IPP 2:00-3:00

  • Second Grade ELA Group IPP 2:00-3:00

  • Kindergarten GLM @ 2:00

  • First GLM @ 2:15

August 12th

  • 1st Grade Math Group IPP 2:00-3:00

  • Kindergarten ELAGroup IPP 2:00-3:00

August 13th

  • Kindergarten Lead Check-In 10:00-10:30

  • Kindergarten AT Check-In 10:50-11:20

  • 1st Grade Lead Check-In 11:40-12:10

  • 1st Grade AT Check-In 12:30-1:00

August 14th

  • Friday PD 2:30-4:00 - Topic: SEL "Sacred Conversations"

  • Shelly's Birthday

Teacher Spotlight

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Dr. Tianay Perrault

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