Welcome to 4th grade! There is a lot to look forward to this year, and every student in this class is capable of great success. My goal as your teacher is to make your think deeper, dream bigger, and work to your highest potential. Let’s have a great year!

Student expectations: be positive, participate regularly, and strive for your personal best!

Policies to Know and Follow:


  • Your work and a make up memo will be waiting for you in the class when you return to school. Check Canvas to see what was assigned for homework, and complete anything you can if you are feeling up to it.

  • Under special circumstances, a packet of work can be made for you and can be picked up at school to work on at home.

  • You have as many days to complete your make up work as days you were gone from school.

  • YOU are responsible for turning in and making up work, quizzes, and tests from when you were absent.

Late Work:

  • Late work with an "Extra Night Pass" - Each student will receive 1 late homework pass per month. The pass grants you 1 extra day to turn in an assignment without any penalty. Place the late assignment stapled to the late pass in the late bin.

  • Late work without a pass - you may turn in an assignment you forgot the following day only for 80% credit. Absolutely no late work will be accepted past the one day window.

Tuesday Lunch Club:

  • Every Tuesday, you may stay in at lunch to get help with homework, ask questions, study, etc.

  • This is also a time period that students should use if they need to make up quizzes. I will not track students down to make up a vocab quiz, for example. It is the studentś responsibility to come to Tuesday Lunch club to make up any missed tests.



  • Homework 20% - graded based on completion and following of directions/format.

  • In class projects 20% - graded based on participation, completion, and overall understanding of concepts.

  • Tests/Quizzes 60% - graded based on understanding of concepts.

    • You may do test corrections if you do not pass a test (passing is 70% or above)

ELA: your language arts grades (1 final grade for Language, 1 final grade for Reading, and 1 final grade for Writing) will be a combination of class work, homework, and quizzes.

  • Language

    • Grammar

    • Writing conventions

  • Reading

    • Nonfiction articles

    • Literature responses

    • Comprehension quizzes

    • Vocabulary

  • Writing

    • Short writing pieces and formal essays

Social Studies: Our focus this year is on California History. Grades will be based on the following:

  • Chapter Tests/Quizzes

  • Homework

  • Projects

Science: Grades will be based on the following:

  • Tests/Quizzes

  • Homework

  • Projects