J. W. Leary Junior High School

November 5, 2021

Hello everyone,

We are almost 1/4 of the way through the school year!!

Remember....Fall back, there was an extra hour added to the weekend!

Bus drivers keep asking that we make sure you are dropping off and picking up in the parent loop. The parent loop is off of Highland Park. Please used your blinkers and pay attention to cars/children.

This is how traffic should be flowing. Dropping off out in front is creating several blind spots and the teachers parking lot if off limits to non-staff--it is important to us your children are safe!

Online Scholastic Book Fair November 1-14

Thursday, November 11 Veteran's Day; no school

Friday, November 12 10 week mark; no school for children

Friday, November 12 Staff Development

Wednesday, November 17 Parent Teacher Conference days 12pm-3pm; 4pm-7pm (see below)

Thank you everyone for supporting our children!!

All JH Events

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School Number Days

Monday is Day 3

Tuesday is Day 4

Wednesday is Day 5

The character trait this week is Bravery!

Bravery refers to voluntary (not coerced) action in the face

of a dangerous circumstance. This strength involves

judgment; the brave person must have an understanding of

the risks and consequences involved in acting. According

to Socrates and Plato, forethought separates acts of valor

from acts of rashness. This means that bravery isn’t simply

fearlessness, but instead the overcoming of fear.

Parent-child conversations outside of school are a significant way to instill the character strengths vocabulary and ownership in students. Courage. Strengths of courage involve applying will and fortitude in overcoming internal or external resistance to accomplish goals. Strengths comprised in this virtue are bravery, perseverance, integrity, and zest/enthusiasm.

We are so excited to launch the

Thank you to Mrs. LaPrade, Mr. Alexander and Mr. Norris for leading this effort!! Click on the brochure above or click here to learn more!

Celebrating Native American Heritage Month

Things happening in classes.

Winter Sports Try Outs

Reminder that winter registration is open but will be closing soon. If your student is interested in trying out for a Winter sport please register them as soon as possible. If they have tested positive for COVID at any time, extra clearance will be needed in order for them to participate. Reach out to the athletics department for COVID paperwork prior to the start of the season.


Modified tryouts start November 22 except for Modified Wrestling which starts November 15.

More information is on the Athletics home page.

Raider Academy for Grades 1-8

Dear Families,
The Massena Central School District is excited to begin an afterschool program named Raider Academy for Grades 1-8. Please click the link to read more about the program and to enroll your child(ren). https://forms.gle/8MokfaQAeZuRWMd36
If you have any questions please email dchapman@mcs.k12.ny.us or call (315) 764-3700 x3024.
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Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help your student or your family as we get back into school.

If you have ideas, questions, or concerns please email azullo@mcs.k12.ny.us or call the school 315-764-3720.

Mrs. Zullo

J. William Leary Junior High School

Grades 7-8 of the Massena Central School District.