My family

By Zachary

My Family

Me and my family watch tv together. Me and my family also eat together. Me and my family go places together. Me and my family work at the same pace. Me and my family also learn at the same pace.

Something that makes my family awesome and important to me is that we stick together. We stand up for each other. We love each other equally. We value our lives equally. We share personalities.

My Family

Others would want to be a part of our community because maybe they don't have one. They don't have a community. They don't have someone who loves them. They don't have someone to love. They don't have parents.

Our community is different from other community's because we do stuff differently. We look different from other community's. We study differently. We work differently from other community's. We do different stuff in our community.

More about my family

My family is unique in their own way on holidays we usually go to our relatives houses. On Christmas we usually stay home but most times we usually go to my grandmas house. On thanksgiving we go to either my dads uncles house or my grandmas house. For Easter we used to go to my aunts house. We never miss a year of monster trucks unless we don't have money. Same for dirt track racing we never miss it. Also at hunting time we usually go up to my grandpas farm (different from my grandmas house). And we get there pretty late so we go to sleep right after we get there so yeah me and my family go crazy with these events.