Brrr I'm Really Hot

Hypo- and Hyper- Thermia


Hypothermia: Situation in which your body loses heat faster than it can produce heat.

Hyperthermia: Abnormal high fever conditions.

Long Term Effects And Conditions

Hypothermia - Brain damage, muscle and vital organ damage, frost bitten extremeties, and possibly death

Conditions - Extremely low body temperature anything below 35°C is hypothermia temperatures below 28°C is dangerously low

Hyperthermia - Damage to brain, muscles and vital organs possibly resulting in death

Conditions - Any body temperatures above 38°C is considered hyperthermia with any temperature over 40°C being deadly

Causes and Prevention

Hypothermia - Exposure to low temperatures, is complicated by alcohol

factors that effect it are age, poor clothing, and chronic medical conditions

Prevention - Reduce exposure to extremely low temperature especially if you have insufficient clothing, medical issues, or alcohol problems.

Hyperthermia - Some drugs cause intense heat production, excessive work, consuming alcohol or lack of air conditioning can worsen it

Prevention - Fix air conditioners, dont over work yourself, and check with a medical professional is you suspect any drug issues causing these problems