Fabulous Las Vegas

Emily Oakden P. 4/5

It's always hot here!

In the summer, average temperatures reach above 100º F all summer long. Las Vegas is one of the hottest places to live or visit. It barely ever goes below 34°F even in the winter! The coldest day ever in Las Vegas was on January 13, 1963 and it only reached 8°F. The hottest temperature recorded was 117°F on July 24, 1942 and July 19, 2005. People find March, April, and October to have a nice average temperature. Las Vegas usually reaches it's peak for heat in July and the average coldest month is December.

Rain in the desert?

The annual rainfall of just over 4 inches per year means that Las Vegas is very dry. However, during the summer monsoon season, residents have learned to watch out for flash floods and lightning storms around Southern Nevada. On average, August is the wettest month and June is the driest month. In June, Las Vegas gets almost 400 sun hours which lowers it's chance of precipitation. June is the least humid month of the year and gets barely any rainfall.
Las Vegas Monsoon
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Although the weather in Las Vegas can be extremely dangerous, it can also be beautiful. We should be cautious during flash floods and high temperatures, but we can always look outside during the beautiful lightning storms. The shining sun always is attracting tourists and making the day brighter. It's the perfect place for swimming and doing other fun activities that the weather allows. The warm weather is especially great for those who love the heat, but everyone can enjoy Las Vegas' weather.