Computer Gaming

Christian Burell

Computer Gaming For Me!

Computer gaming has changed my life, there is nothing better than getting on some video games with my friends and playing all day. I have spent 100s of hours gaming, and I will continue to do so. Me and my friends are big gamers we will spend the whole weekend on our favorite game. For us playing video games is an escape from the real world. I enjoy wasting all of my time playing them. I think video games have affected millions of peoples lives. Now, there is professional gaming, and they make a lot of money just from playing games. Professional gaming continues to expand every year. More and more people watch or try to be a professional gamer.

My Experience

Video games are my source of entertainment every day. I never plan to give up playing video games even when I'm 50. They give me a new experience every day, and I enjoy them so much. I get to connect with my friends on a daily basis, and play together. It has made me new friends, and has helped me keep friends that have moved away. Everyday I can get on my computer and connect with different people from the entire world. There are so many different types of games I can play too. There is endless possibilities that I can play when I get on, so I never have to worry about getting bored. I love video games, and they have changed my life ever since I started playing