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SO much Excitement today! Wanted to share the highlights

Momentum Monday is SO ON!

A new month falling on a new day of the week and TONS of crazy amazing things happening... the momentum is ON baby!!!
Here's your High Five for kick off this new week (& month) strong!
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We are still doing our Booking Incentive for adding new June trunk shows! We're at 67-- CAN we book 23 more shows to get to 90 by midnight!!!
Make sure you chime in on this event with ALL your June shows!
We're doing a drawing tomorrow morning from all the JUNE shows that are in the system by midnight tonight!
Just an extra reason to book: JUNE Hostesses get an extra $50 in hostess credits for hosting 4 orders/$500+ in sales!


Attend either our local stylist meeting in Detroit tonight https://www.eventbrite.com/e/stella-dot-metro-detroit-local-opportunity-event-and-stylist-monthly-meetup-tickets-16979718796

OR jump on our Booking Blitz with Meghan Bode Heuring​ tonight at 8:30pm ET (7:30 CT) https://www.facebook.com/events/1396071357389575/1397465857250125/


Make a BIG list of people who you think would LOVE Stella & Dot or you have been wanting to talk to them about being a stylist! New Stylist Special! Sign up your potentials in June and when they sell $1000 in their first 30 days they get $199 rebated back on their little blue card! Need help sponsoring: Listen to this call, take notes, and message me &/or your upline for help. http://com.stelladot.stylists.s3.amazonaws.com/audio/trainingcalls/March%202014/SealingtheDealonSponsoring.mp3 We are also setting up JUNE action trios for booking and sponsoring accountability so let me know!


Keep selling strong through June 15th AND Book a Dot Dollar Redemption Show June 25th-30th-- either you host one at your house and/or offer them up to hostesses - ask Anne​ how she's full capitalizing on this!


The coolest thing about this business is that WE get to decide the when and how we will be successful!! It starts with the decision to go for it! So today, think about what you want out of your June! How will you achieve your Why? How much will you earn? How many shows will you have? how much will you sell? How many new stylists will you bring along? Do you want to promote (I have a feeling we may have a record number of promotions)! If you want to join our Associate Stylist by Hoopla coaching group- let me know: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1587139538229706/
Plus, don't forget to sell $2000 if you have not yet done so for the Quarter so you can earn your $500 for $99 free jewelry coupon for the new line!

Make sure to download and print the JUNE WORDS TO SAY from the Lounge!

You can find this by going to your Lounge--- then to SDU (stella & dot university)--- and then to June Tools, scroll down to the bottom right corner
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It is going to be an AMAZING SUMMER!

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