Iron Overload

Hemochromatosis is when there is to much iron in the body, it can also be called and iron overload. When there is to much iron in the body your heart and liver can fail and you can catch many diseases. When your body's iron level gets to high your organs and tissue can be damaged. This disorder usually only affects the organs in your body but mostly affects your heart and liver. You can get liver cancer or liver failure as well as heart failure. All the possible affects of this disease includes the following, Abdominal pain, diabetes, liver disorder, sexual disorders (mostly in the men), decrease of body hair, bronzing of the skin, disease in heart, and impained memory. It is usually caused by a result of a gene mutation that causes your body to take in more iron than you really need. You can also get it by other blood disorders like chronic transfusion therapy and chronic hepatiotis but this is less likely to happen. Two mutations to this gene have been discovered. the main mutations are referred to as C282Y and H63D. Though C282Y is more affective then H63D. Though it is a disability that can be passed down from parent to offspring.

The Cure

Women are less affected by Haemochromatosis then men are, so males are more likes to get this disorder than females. Haemochromatosis is located on the short arm of chromosome 6. Which is referred to as HFE haemochromatosis. Type 1, 2, and 3 are recessive and type 4 is dominate. If you do not treat this disorder in time you can and will die. It can be treated by a blood donation (someone donating blood to you) or a procedure to remove extra iron from your body. A common opportunity for gene therapy for haemochromatosis is called Hereditary haemochromatosis. You must do a regular blood test and draw blood regularly. Genetic counseling is an option and gene test are performed.

Types of Haemochromatosis

How Common is it?

Those who have a Irish, Scottish, Celtic, and British heritage is more likely to get the disorder. Though many other people can get it, it is a very common disease but is found in mostly males as well. It is the most common deadly iron overload disease and kills 1000 people every year. Type 1 which is recessive is the most common type of Haemochromatosis. People between the ages 30 and 40 are more likely to get the disorder than younger people. To avoid getting it limit the amount of iron you consume, eating red or organs meals is not good, and consume more vitamin c.

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