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Week of April 4, 2016

A Word From Ms. Haynes

Dear Welleby Family,

As I sat at the ASCD Conference in Atlanta, Georgia listening to the Third General Session Speaker who happens to be Carol Dweck, I was reminded of my previous message in a Dolphin Dispatch about "Growth Mindset". Carol Dweck is the author of this book and she talked about how growth mindset relates to education and teaching in the classroom. She gave some common misunderstandings that educators have about what growth mindset means that I wanted to share with you:

  • Being open-minded
  • Telling students they can do anything
  • Effort: Encouraging students to work hard

She said that growth mindset is "a tool to help students learn, not a way to make children feel good about not learning." She said we have to learn what are our fixed mindset triggers such as: facing challenge or struggle, having setbacks, being criticized, or seeing someone more skilled than you. As it relates to students some fixed mindset triggers would be: a student struggling or confused, a student not listening to your lesson, or a student with high or low test scores.

You have to recognize your fixed mindset persona and know when it shows up and how you react to it. You have to know how it effects your behavior, your teaching, your relationships, etc. Excellent message!

One thing I have learned at this conference is that the world of education is continually changing. We MUST be ready to change with it. If you think you can continue to do the same things you have "always" done, or teach the same way you have "always" taught, you may find yourself behind in the times. We are preparing students for a world that doesn't even exist right now. You have to ask yourself are you READY to meet the challenges of this profession. If we don't change with it, it will change without us.

I sent the TDIF Application to you. I want to encourage each and every one of you to consider honing your instructional practices by participating in conferences such as this. They have ones that are specific for a grade level, this ASCD Conference is for both teachers and administrators, the International Reading Association Conference is another awesome conference. Take the time to look up some of them and see which one best fits what you are looking for in professional development. Grab a buddy and get to learning.

Have an AMAZING week!!

The Week Ahead

CoGAT Testing for 2nd Graders this Week!!
Encourage ALL students here on time!

April 4th
  • 2nd Grade CoGAT Testing
  • NESS Meeting

April 5th
  • 2nd Grade CoGAT Testing

April 6th
  • 2nd Grade CoGAT Testing
  • Dental Forms due back: This is for K-3 ONLY
  • PLC Meetings: 2:05PM
  • PTA Menchie's Family Night

April 7th
  • Kindergarten Field Trip: Educational Farm
  • Student Council Meeting: 1:50PM

April 8th
  • Kindergarten Round-Up: 8:30AM in Welleby Cafe
  • Informal Leadership Team Meeting
  • PTA Fundraiser: Crazy Sock Day $1 Fundraiser

April 9th
  • Science Academy: 8:30AM to 11:30AM (This is the LAST Saturday)

4th Grade FSA ELA (Reading) Test begins April 12th
5th Grade FCAT Science Test begins April 12th

5th Grade FSA ELA (Reading) Test begins April 14th
5th Grade FSA Mathematics Test begins April 19th

Calendar Events Subject to Change


Are YOU Ready to Teach Using This?

I wanted to share this amazing quick little video of something at one of the exhibitor booths here at the ASCD Conference. I am amazed by what he can be programmed to do and the fact that it can be programmed by even a 2nd grade child. I took pause to wonder if I were in the classroom today, would I know how to reach today's child and the future children? Am I prepared for the cutting edge technology that has come our way?

I recall as a teacher when Facebook and My Space hit the scene wondering "what in the world is this" and resisting the very idea of such a thing. Yet now here I am a user of Facebook. Like it or not, technology has come and is coming even faster. I've no idea what it will be like, but what I do know is that I better be ready.

Robotics in Action

Happy Birthday to You!

Words to Live By

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Kudos to you!

Ms. Mewbron and Ms. Hunt: More Donors Choose winners!!! Don't be left in the wind, join them!! Write those projects!!

Ms. Atelus: Thank you for setting up the Welleby CARES Team for the Relay for Life event on Friday!! Your dedication is always appreciated. Thank you to the teachers who came out to support our team as well.

3rd Grade Teachers: You made it through FOUR straight days of testing!! Job well done!!

4th Grade Teachers: You are halfway to the end of the race!! Keep it up!

Coming Soon....

FSA Testing for 4th and 5th Graders this Week!!
PLEASE have students here on time!

April 12th
  • 4th Grade FSA Testing: ELA--Computer Based Testing
  • 5th Grade FSA Testing: Science--Paper Based Testing
  • Dental Cleanings Begin

April 13th
  • 4th Grade FSA Testing: ELA--Computer Based Testing
  • 5th Grade FSA Testing: Science--Paper Based Testing

April 14th
  • 5th Grade FSA Testing: ELA--Computer Based Testing
  • Report Cards Go Home

April 15th
  • 5th Grade FSA Testing: ELA--Computer Based Testing
  • Dolphin Depot: K-2 (encourage students to spend $$, we will have a BOGO Sale in May)


5th Grade FSA ELA (Reading) Test begins April 14th
5th Grade FSA Mathematics Test begins April 19th

Calendar Events Subject to Change

Laughter is the Best Medicine

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