The Culture Of Chad

The People

Most people in Chad speak French. The majority of Chadians practice the Muslim religion also about 25% practice chritianity and 25% are animist. in chad they have a strict code about being clean they always wear clean cloths in public, Especially in a market.

As Seen Below

Life Styles

Chad's art traditions are varried do to the fact that france had a major influance on the architecture and fine arts. Also the arab culture has influence on their music so you will see one man playing a lute (an insrument that is fasiond from gourd metal or wood that has stringa that can be taken out or put in depending on what vthe performance calls for).


Chadians visit family reguarly and unonounced visits are not unheard of. To nock you should clap your hands outside of someones gate and to agree with someone you click your tounge against the roof of your mouth and thrust your chin upward.