No Mrs. Vaughn Survival Guide

Everything you need to know (hopefully)!

Requesting Books

If you would like my substitute to pull books for you, just send a student with a note and she will do her best. Just indicate if you would like the book right then to use the same day or if you want a bunch of them and can wait a day or two.

Technology Help Requests

Any technology help requests (laptops, desktops, iPads, software, websites, TV'S, etc) should be sent through the tech help request form. The form will be sent to Fran and Teri while I am out so one of them can address your needs.
Also, please note that requests for printer toner go to Karen Matthews.

- The form can be found linked above, in my email signature, or on our website under Links for Staff (you can bookmark the link in your web browser for easy access)

iPad/Laptop Cart Scheduling

Follow the same procedures, but email Fran instead. So check the schedule and let her know specifically what you want and when you want it (no more than 2 weeks in advance please). Please give her at least a day's notice. She is not able to check email quite as frequently due to her classes.

- The schedule is linked above, in my email signature, or on our website under Links for Staff (you can bookmark the link in your web browser for easy access)

*Please use extra care to make sure the laptops and iPads are all good to go when you turn them in so they will be good for the next person. I emailed the procedures out last month. If you need it again, please email Teri.

Student Accounts

3rd-5th AR and Study Island- Fran will be getting word about new students from Mariliee and adding them into AR and Study Island. If you find they didn't make it in, just email her.
*AR note- if you need to stop a test midway through for a student, the password is adminkoala

4th-5th Grade Reg. Logins-
You can reset student passwords if they forget how to login to the computers. Just go to Shared--Groups--Staff--Password Reset

4th-5th Google Apps- Students are automatically enrolled by the County. Logins are usually first initial + middle initial + last name (passwords are lunch numbers), but you can email Fran if you need one looked up. She can also reset passwords if needed.

Student Logins

Refer to the "Forget how to login?" flyers that I emailed out last month or the bookmarks that I made for Parent Info NIght (there are more in the media center on the table with the teacher computer) if you need to get some.

Teacher Logins

Discovery Education- Username: wcpss+employee number
Password: what you changed it to (click on forgot password link if needed)

Big Universe- Username: email ID
Password: employee number
Group Username: wcpss

BrainPop- Username: wcnorthwoods
Password: brainpop

Study Island- Username: first letter of your first name + your last name@nes.
Password:The first time you login the password is nes, but it will ask you to change it. If you kept it as nes, you may want to change it because savvy kids might be able to figure that out.

AR- Username: what you use for email except if you have a number, it does not have it.
Password: your username the first time you login. If you can't remember your password, click on the forgot your password link.
To login to AR as a teacher, you can go to the same place the kids do to login, and then just click "change your role," or you can bookmark this link:

Software Downloads for Laptops

The County offers downloads for your teacher laptops (SmartNotebook, Letterland, etc). To access, click on the small arrow in the bottom right hand of your toolbar. Then click on the little blue circle with a white b. Then just click and accept! You will need to let the download run for a while and then restart your computer.

Our Website

If there is something you need posted on our website, please email Fran.


Everyone on staff should have just received an email last month called "Course Invitation." It is for our Northwoods Canvas site (which has replaced our old Northwoods Blackboard site).
It is not fully updated, but it does house some info that you may find useful (like PBIS and mClass info).
If you need any help with anything to do with Canvas, please fill out a tech help request form.

Volunteer Sign Up

Parents can come to the media center to sign up to volunteer (my substitute has directions), but they can also do it from your classrooms (if they happen to be in there for a conference, etc).
- On our Northwoods website (just don't use Internet Explorer), go to Parents---WCPSS Volunteer Information

Headphones, speakers, cd players, etc.

See Suzanne if you need more headphones or if your speakers or CD players give out.

Grants/Donors Choose

Please see my recent email regarding the grants/Donors Choose process. The information you need can also be found on the Intranet:

Approval Forms (Video/Speaker) and Book/Material Challenge Form

Video Approval- Any movie shown that is not from our media center needs to be approved by Robin. The form can be found in the Shared Directory--Groups---Staff---Approval Forms

Guest Speaker Approval- Any guest speaker needs to be approved by Robin. The form can be found in the Shared Directory--Groups---Staff---Approval Forms

Book/Instructional Materials Challenge- If a parent challenges a book/film/etc., you would normally send them to me to get a form. In my absence, they can get it from Robin.

Social Committee

Contact Erin for any social committee questions or needs. Don't forget the staff breakfast on Tues, Oct 18th at 8:15am in the media center. Bring a dish to share and the social committee will provide juice and paper goods. Don't miss the staff lighthouse ticket drawing for prizes!