Welcome to Lineville

By: Braedon Sonnabend

Getting Started

If you are scared of coming to Lineville don't be! It's a lot of fun! Here are some things to hopefully help you succeed!


There are several things things you should know about Lineville's lockers. First, you should know how to open them. You start by clearing your lock; that is just turning the lock three or four times. Then, you go to your first number. It doesn't matter if you get to it from the left or from the right. Then you turn your lock to the right, pass your next number once, and then you stop at your next number. Finally you turn your lock to the left to your final number. Then you just pull and your lock should open. Next you grab your stuff ( Make sure your locker is clean). Then you close your locker and spin the lock a cupple of times and then it is ready for next time! Those are a few things about Lineville's lockers!


At Lineville you walk to your classes on your own. There are also rules you need to follow in the halls. One of the rules are Zero Zones. There is red tape on the floor, that means you have to be silent in those areas. Next there is blue tape on the floors. You can whisper in those areas. Another rule is you have to stay to the right hand side of the halls, just like you are driving a car.

You get four minutes to walk to your classes, it might not seem like a lot of time but for me that is more than enough time! But if you don't follow those rules you have to have a teacher walk you to every single class...you don't want that? Right? So I highly encourage you to follow the hallway rules!


At lineville your punishment might be different. You get minors and majors. A minor is a minor behavior such as not getting you homework done,being disrespectful, not being on task and so on. A major is a major behavior such as constantly not getting your homework done, or hurting someone else. If you get three minors in the same category like homework you get a major but if you only forget it once it is a minor. 3 minors= a major. Also if you forget your homework you need to stay inside for your lunch and recess and do it.

There are also good punnishments such as incentives. Your house can reward you by doing fun things like an ice cream party, dodge ball, and a movie and popcorn. You can also get blue cards for doing little things to help others. That is how Lineville punishes.


At Lineville, lunch is different. You can take commons, district, or cold lunch. For commons that is what the school serves you. Like pizza, chicken tenders, cheese fries and so on. For district it is what the district serves you. That is what you get. Cold lunch is the same. There is also ol la cart where you can buy extra food. That is how Lineville serves you at lunch.

Good Luck

No matter what house you are in it will be a blast! Hope this helps! Have fun succeeding!