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Stock Trading Software

Charting Platform Overview!

This page will give you an overview of the 8 different Charting Platforms DecisionBar is designed to work with.

When installed on your computer, DecisionBar “overlays” the charts generated by these platforms and pinpoints profitable trading opportunities with incredible speed and accuracy in real-time, just as they occur.

You can add most of the DecisionBar compatible platforms listed below at little or no cost during your trial period.

Please take a few moments to look over the trading platforms listed below to see which has the features that suit you the best.

While each has their own unique features; most have the standard features most successful traders use daily.

There are 3 scenarios:

If you are new to trading … you will need to choose a charting platform. You will make your choice from the selection of platforms below as you go through the simple DecisionBar ordering process. If you need help choosing a charting platform, simply call or email our office.

If you are currently trading and you are already using one of the platforms listed below … there is no need to give up your current charting platform or change brokers. You will only need to install DecisionBar on your computer to get it working for you instantly. Once you become a DecisionBar member, our support team can help you with the installation.

If you are currently trading and you are NOT using one of the platforms listed below … you have 3 choices to get the power of DecisionBar working for you:

1: You may find that your broker's data feed is compatible with one of the charting platforms below. NinjaTrader and MultiCharts are compatible with many different broker's data feeds.

2: Simply use the new web-based version of DecisionBar, powered by, alongside your current platform in another window or on another computer screen.

3: If options 1 and 2 don't work for you, there is still no need to give up your current broker or charting platform, however you will have to add a charting platform compatible with DecisionBar.