Lab Breakout

The Tawnycrocroo has broken out of the lab


This dangerous new animal has the potential to kill. If this animal is visable do not apprach its environment. This animal ranges around the north of Qeensland to the west of the NorthernTeritory. It also has n amazing swimming powerrous creature has a very strong tail to harm their prey and anyth ng around him. His call sounds like a screaming woman but that is just a diguise he can be very dangerous.

What to do if you see a Tawnycrocroo

Dr Minestine

Don't get to close to the Tawnycrocroo because it has the potential to kill or injure. Call Dr Minestine on 004567832 and we will get this animal into special care.

Ralbert Minestine

This animal is not a pet.