Andrew Jackson: Hero or Zero?

Definitely ZERO!

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson was the 7th president of the United States of America. He can be seen as someone who did great things or very bad things, it depends on the person. For me he did not make good choices during his presidency.

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Trail of Tears: Why weren't they protected?

The Natives that were hurt in the trail of tears were helped by the Supreme Court. They said that the Natives land was to be left alone, but Jackson did not care he wanted the Natives gone. What happened then? Jackson said he wanted to see the Supreme Court enforce what they said and continued to push the Natives off their land killing almost 6,000 of the 16,542 Natives.

Trail of Tears National Historic Trail
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New jobs

Jackson believed in a system called the spoils system. This system benefited the people who supported Jackson when he was becoming president, by giving them jobs working in the government. This system set up Jackson's entire cabinet and because of it Jackson never got good advice because they would only agree with him.

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Nullification Crisis

Tariffs were raised and not everyone agreed. Some people just could not pay the high tariffs and it only benefited the north. South Carolina decided as a state that they would not pay the tariffs. They even threatened to secede if they would not dismiss the tariff. Andrew Jackson passed a bill that said they had to pay the tariff or he could use the U.S. Army to force them to pay their tax on goods.