February 4th Pony News

Building a Brighter Future!

How will you be motivated to be awesome? How will you motivate your students to be awesome?

Campus Vision: Lewisville Elementary students will become intrinsically motivated to learn and thrive academically and socially.

Thank you to Mrs. Kilam for sharing how you are integrating the vision of the school with Restorative Practices.

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Spring Picture Day

Spring Picture Day (class and Individuals) is coming on Friday, February 8th. We will begin with the faculty picture in the morning in the gym at 7:25 AM.

At 8:00, we will begin taking class group pictures first in the Library with kindergarten followed by individual pictures. Classes will enter the Library through the hallway by the computer lab and exit the doors facing the gym. After the classroom picture is taken, the individual pictures will follow.

A volunteer parent will direct you to a photographer who is available at the time. Teachers, please line up your students from tallest to shortest before coming to the Library. Also, please bring with you to the library the large white envelope ( inside the envelope will be the order envelopes from your students purchasing classroom photos only).

We will have two (2) photographers downstairs and one (1) upstairs. We will also have four (4) parent volunteers to help things run smoothly.

Teachers and staff who work here at Lewisville ES with children attending this school receive 50% off an individual picture package. There are no free or discount group pictures; they sell for $13.00 each.

Information is in mailboxes (which includes flyers, white envelope & stickers your students wear home on Thursday, Feb. 7th - the day before Picture Day). Please send the flyers home Monday, Feb. 4th. If you have any questions please call me at ext. 1700.

Thank you,

Belinda Rubio

STAFF RECOGNITION - I Statement: Be Positive and Encouraging every day.

Monthly, we will recognize our teachers and staff (teachers, instructional support, specialists, counselors, CIS and ACE, office, cafeteria, learning facilitators, custodian, etc.). The teacher and staff member receiving the most nominations will be recognized as the Teacher/Staff Member of the Month.

The winners will be allowed to park in the teacher and staff of the month parking spots (which are located in the front of the school), have their pictures posted in the lounge, and receive certificates and treats from the administration team.

Please click here to submit your nomination.

Please submit your nomination no later than 3:45 p.m. this Thursday, February 7th.

CIP CONNECTION: GOAL 2 PO 2: We will promote and nurture collaborative relationships essential for a successful school by developing committees and staff recognition incentives.

STUDENT RECOGNITION -I statement: Create meaningful and positive relationships with all students.

Each month, we will be recognizing the student of the month. Please select one student from your own classroom that is a leader representing the character trait of this 9 weeks. Other teachers and staff may also recommend students. For example, specials teachers, coaches, office staff, counselors, etc. may refer students, as well.

We will recognize students with a certificate and breakfast with Mrs. Valdes on Wednesday, February 14th in the library. At 7:45, I will make an announcement on the intercom and ask for the students to report to the library.

Please click here to submit your nomination.

Please submit your nomination by Thursday, February 7th.

CIP CONNECTION Goal 2: PO 5: We will create a positive environment for learners by connecting their learning with meaningful experiences through the NEU philosophy.

Wait! I cannot remember who I submitted for student of the month!

If you need to remember any previous nominations, please go to the Pony Way 2 under the PBIS tab/student recognition. You may also check if someone from your class was nominated.

Safe and Civil Professional Learning

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When: Wednesday, February 6th
Time: 3:15 to 4:15 PM
Location: Library


  • We will learn about changes in the dismissal procedures.

  • We will review hallway procedures.

  • We will discuss ways to deliver non-contingent attention.

  • We will discuss strategies for positive feedback.

: Safety of our students.


  • Healthy snacks will be provided.
  • Gift cards will be raffled.

A Sneak Peek into Safe and Civil Training

Deliver Effective Positive Feedback

Among the most important practices an effective teacher uses is letting students know about their behavioral and academic progress and/or success. Positive feedback is a powerful tool to encourage students to demonstrate responsible behavior regarding academic and/or behavioral performance in the classroom. When done well and often, positive feedback confirms for students that they are on the right track with their effort and behavior, and to keep on working or behaving.

Strategies for Delivering More Positive Feedback

  1. Use gestures (e.g., thumbs up, head nod, OK sign, etc.) to reinforce appropriate behavior.

  2. Give students more opportunities to respond to academic discussions and questions.

  3. Instead of putting names on the board for misbehavior . . . Write “ON TASK” and list the names of students who are on task and doing their work. Focus on your middle and low performing students.

  4. Identify specific times during each day that you will deliberately give positive feedback on student behavior or class performance. For example, praise five or six students for a specific behavior at the start of class or a particular subject or activity. Be specific in describing what they did well (e.g., being persistent, learning from errors, trying different solutions or helping another student) and avoid saying “Good job” or “You’re so smart.”

  5. Conduct individual conferences with students to praise their academic or behavior progress.

  6. Write and give short notes to 1-2 students each afternoon in which you either acknowledge an appropriate behavior that occurred during the day (e.g., “I really liked how you helped Brenda understand what evaporation means,” etc.) or simply offer an end-of-day greeting (e.g., “looking forward to seeing you tomorrow,” “do something fun for yourself tonight,” “let me know tomorrow if you want to help me pass out papers,” etc.).

LVES Benchmark Testing

4th and 5th Grade students will be taking the first round of benchmark tests this Wednesday and Thursday. We will be running the tests as a practice for the upcoming STAAR tests. Due to number of staff members supporting on both days, we will not have Pony Time. Also, recess will need to take place in the field in front of school.
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Master Calendar

Click here to access the LVES Master Calendar. Thank you Coach Green for keeping the calendar up to date.

Our Pony Week

Monday, February 4th:

  • Math LF on campus
  • Multilingual Coordinator on campus
  • NEU Rallies
  • Pam Kelly BD
  • 3:30 - 4:30 TELPAS - Basic Online Training Computer Lab

Tuesday, February 5th:

  • Constitution Day
  • TEKS & ELPS Collaboration: 3rd, 4th, Kinder. - Science Focus (Bring your TRTW artifact.)
  • Tutoring
  • 2:20 Mission and Vision with Special Ed. and Counselors
  • Joshua Houston BD

Wednesday, February 6th:

  • Dress for Success
  • 4th grade STAAR Released Writing Test
  • 5th grade STAAR Released Math Test
  • Bethany Wooster BD
  • 3:15 - 4:15 Safe and Civil Training

Thursday, February 7th

  • 5th grade STAAR Released Reading Test
  • GT Facilitators off campus
  • Tutoring
  • 5th Grade online Reading training
  • 11:00 - 3:00 3rd Grade Pre-LPAC
Friday, February 8th:
  • 7:25 Staff Picture in Gym
  • Picture Day
  • 4th & 5th STAAR Released Writing, Math or Reading makeups
  • Eva McCullough BD

Important Days Coming Up

  • February 11th:
  1. 7:15 - 8:30 5th gr. Released Test Data Analysis (Coverage to be provided.)
  2. 3:15 New Teacher Mtg.
  3. TELPAS Window Opens/Writing Collection.
  4. Book Fair Opens (Feb. 11 - 15)
  • February 12th:
  1. TELPAS Calibration for TEKS & ELPS Collaboration - All Grades - Special Schedule
  2. 3:30 - 5:00 4th Grade Writing Online Training Part 2
  • February 13th:
  1. 7:15 - 8:30 4th gr. Writing Data Analysis (Coverage to be provided.)
  2. K-2 Istation Check-ins *** Only specific teachers. More information to come.
  3. 3:15 GT Campus Selection Mtg.
  4. 3:15 Advisory Mtg. w/ Principal
  5. 3:15 TELPAS Calibration Make-up
  • February 14th:
  1. 7:45 Student of the Month Breakfast
  2. 1st TELPAS Writing sample due (SCIENCE)
  • February 15th:
  1. Staff Luncheon - 4th & Office Host
  2. Jump Rope for Heart Family Night (Book Fair Open during event.)
  3. Book Fair Ends
  • February 18th: HOLIDAY


Click here to submit a Shout-Out.
  • Mrs. Gibbs for getting plans together for my sub when I was out for an emergency.
  • Mrs. Gray working everyday expecting to give and see from her students successful results..
  • Mrs. Boston passionate, giving and amazing teacher! Good Job!
  • Ms. Butler for coming up with 101 days of school activities for first grade.
  • VHernandez Thanks for being proactive in making library time fun and engaging!
  • Elizabeth Ramos is a person who doesn't know the word "No" because she always says yes to you anytime you need help in..
  • Thank you Mrs. Dickinson for talking with some students in need. You are a wonderful mentor!!!
  • Mrs. Becker and Mrs. Franco - Thank you for staying late to help gather data!
  • Thank you to Mrs. Guerrero for all of her help with the Advisory Committee.
  • Thank you to Ms. Snell, Mrs. Echevarria, Mrs. Anguita, Coach W. Mrs. McNamara, Ms. Quezada, Ms. Butler, Mrs. Wier, Mrs. Varona and Mr. Colon for their hard work revising and creating Safe and Civil Procedures.
  • Thank you to Mrs. Kilam for sharing how she is integrating the vision of the school with Restorative Practices.
  • Shout out to Ms. Paris for providing her students with engaging and innovative experiences.
  • Shout out to Mrs. Carlson for celebrating her students success.
  • Shout out to Mrs. Simpson, Mrs. Rowland and Mrs. Maurier for their dedication to create a strong TELPAS pathway.
  • Thank you to Ms. Lawson for always going the extra mile and for coming to do a home visit with me.
  • Thank you to Mrs. Blake for being a rock star! You are amazing. :-)
  • Shout out to Mrs. Rutherford for caring so much about the students and staff.
  • Shout out to Ms. Ramage for helping me to create so many reports. You save me :-)
  • Shout out to Ms. Green for working so hard for our Ponies and their families.
  • Shout out to Mrs. Medlock for sharing the writing samples.
  • Thank you Mrs. Simpson, Mrs. Rowland, and Mrs. Maurier for all of your hard work in organizing TELPAS for our campus.
  • Thank you Mrs. Ramos for all of your help in preparing items for the upcoming benchmark tests.
  • Thank you Mrs. Rubio for making all of the copies for benchmark testing.
  • Thank you Mrs. Betty for making helping with benchmark organization and ordering needed supplies.
  • Thank you to the admin team for your support and tips in preparation for benchmark testing.
  • A HUGE SHOUT-OUT goes to all of the teachers who met with me for Supplemental Aid Check-Ins! Thank you for having all of your items prepared and ensuring that our students have access to these items. You all rock!
  • Thank you Mr. Colon for sharing your yummy recipes with me and encouraging me along in this "get healthy" process!
  • Thank you Mrs. Oden for helping prepare materials for Science TEKS and ELPS Collaboration! You are beyond awesome!
  • Thank you Ms. Izzy Bernal, Mrs. Lopez, and Mrs. Varona for being willing to lead during Science TEKS and ELPS Collaboration time this week!
  • Thanks Mrs. Blake for jumping right into the thick of things!

Remember- Birthday Celebration

  • If it is your birthday, stop by the office so we may give you your birthday sticker.
  • If your students are celebrating a birthday, also send them to the office, and we will give them their special sticker.

Happy February Birthday

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