Simply You

Cleanse- MIND, BODY, SOUL and ....YOUR HOUSE!

Grab your PARTNER and GO GO GO!

Did you happen to think this is a DANCE class? Well it can be of sorts. Let me explain.

You are about to embark on a more SIMPLE YOU by, SIMPLIFYING YOU and reach into becoming SIMPLY YOU!


CLEANING 101- some of the big stuff!


Relax, Rejoice, Peace and Happiness.

Those are some of the words we can relate to if you have discovered how to rest your mind. In the ever changing, fast paced and technology based world in which we live, I invite you to take a load off your mind... and find inner peace and the joys of what this life can offer.

I recently read the saying about friendship or inner circles and such:

4 quarters are worth more than 100 pennies.

It is true! Math is math and the sum is equal but the value is much much different.

I pray that through this program and the others that Simply You offers, you can reach into your heart and find that though we may have many ,many ,many, many acquaintances- (and this is wonderful!... ) that our inner circle is best served by having those few good friends (4 quarters) who love you for WHOM you are (flaws and otherwise) versus the 100 pennies that can spread you too thin and value you more in what you give to them.

Remember ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS and to GIVE of yourself is to RECEIVE God's blessings by the 10 fold.

Rest your mind and live a full yet guarded lifestyle that will allow to you to seek and dream, rest and relax and empower you to be the best you can be! Listen to your body for clues when you have the need to" listen" to your mind. Our little pink brain ( as my son learned in preschool to call it) is but a one time chance to feed it with all the good stuff making what comes out of


From the hair on the tippy top of your head, to the piggys on each of your feet... You will learn how to clean your body on the outside! BUT what about the inside? We can clean up there too! From proper masks, oils, scrubs and cleansing bars to leafy greens, seeds and healthy fats, carbs and proteins...Get that 2015 glow from HEAD to TOE! INSIDE and OUT Becoming SIMPLY YOU doesn't miss a spot!

Won't you take this full plunge of this series and make Spring exciting?!


If you are inclined to learn more about YOUR PURPOSE, your God given REASON WHY you are here, and want to walk with me on a deeper journey with the Lord...Please join us on the book study that will COMPLETELY change your views on this life and give you more satisfaction that you can imagine. With reading only a CHAPTER PER DAY for 40 days, you will open your eyes, enlighten your soul and produce amazing results in your daily living that goes from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY from page one.

The book is called:

The Purpose Driven Life, WHAT ON EARTH AM I HERE FOR? by Rick Warren. Available on Kindle as well as hardcopy and paper back and via the library. There is a new updated cover (modern tree on the front) and the original (plum colored book and with a tree photographed) still available on Amazon. I have Zondervan 2002 copyright.

40 day reading guide- with Day 1 titled- It all starts with God.

I encourage you to READ it... FOLLOW It and SHARE in this study group.


Okay folks another lesson to be learned... our HOUSE, hopefully called your HOME because if you took the Boot Camp Series, should have you changing the cluttered area of collections and turning that diamond in the rough into the GEM we know it can be!

HOME, because ANY house is considered when you love the people in it. The dwelling itself has ABSOLUTLEY nothing to do with size, the location or the estimated value. To me, priceless comes to mind when you should think of it.

So are we ready clean up the apartments, trailer homes, duplex, ranch, colonials and farm homes? YOU BETTER BELIEVE WE ARE!

I will be sharing with you a step by step guide to help you create that cleaning chore list into a FUN & PRODUCTIVE exercise filled experience that only joining our plan can bring a smile to your face!

Ready, Set, Mel and Me ...

Go forth and just Be....

Simply ...YOU!

There is TWO ways you can approach this series. GRAB A PARTNER and share in the fun (giving and receiving)


LEARN to do this in a simple step by step method that you conquer and destroy with your self discipline. (remember, if you are not alone. That means you have someone living with you. CHILDREN, SPOUSE, SIBLINGS, PARENTS, ROOM MATES etc) THESE people ALL need RESPONSIBILITIES... There is something for EVERYONE on the list. Do not feel you are the home owner, or the woman or the stay at home person that cleaning is YOUR job. Ahh, the contrary.!

Stay tuned for the list to come out next week.


If you are IN for the book study- We will begin to meet on TUESDAYS consecutively in the very near future... HERE in virtual land or on location for those who are able to attend.

The cleaning series will be same as the BOOT CAMP de-clutter series and I will meet you monthly for group discussion, I will send you information via flyers and any communication would be greatly appreciated through email, comments online and welcome to contact me for questions.

Groups are a wonderful way to be a part of a bigger plan to reach out to hundreds of busy people who may or may not have the time to join in person but enjoy taking my courses online.

I look forward to sharing with you, growing stronger everyday with the basics that life can offer and help you soar into spring with your eyes wide open!

Have a blessed week and a glorious day, folks!

Melany Meadows- LaRochelle