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Utah Background Check and Public Records.

What's a good reason to background check someone in Utah or elsewhere. Its pretty common knowledge that hiring department use background checks as part of the hiring process. It's one of the few ways available to the public to weed out potential problems in the future when it comes to things that matter. I wouldn't recommend walking around paranoid about everyone we meet.

So what does the state of Utah offer for background checking? Well just like all the state in US. Utah has its own public record laws and agencies who handle how information is accessed. I'm a big fan of local state records. For one they are direct and most times can be found for free or pretty cheap. The major flaw to this is the records are only coming from a single state or agency. So on top of local state research is a good idea to do a nationwide check and see if there might be records that originated in another state. Try a nationwide scan using this site FreePeopleScan.com and try the people scan to see if any records might exist in and out of Utah.

Utah Background Check

Utah Public Record Laws: Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA)

Political subdivisions can adopt ordinances and policies regarding records that are applicable throughout their jurisdiction. These ordinances and policies must comply with state law. The following local governments have posted or filed them with the State Archives - https://archives.utah.gov/recordsmanagement/government-records-law.html

Utah Public Record Institutions and Data sources.

Utah Court Records: The Utah State Archives is the repository for many judicial/court records, including the Utah State Supreme Court and many county district courts - https://www.utcourts.gov/records/#

Utah Public Records: - https://www.utah.gov/open/

Utah Criminal Records: This research guide attempts to identify criminal records currently in the holdings of the Utah State Archives. A wide variety of government agencies have been responsible for creating criminal records over time - https://archives.utah.gov/research/guides/criminal.htm

Utah Arrest Records: Utah Department Of Corrections Offender Search Search by Name - https://corrections.utah.gov/index.php/2014-10-30-20-13-59

Utah Vital Records: Office of Vital Records and Statistics maintains records for births, stillbirths, deaths, marriages and divorces that occurred in the State of Utah - https://vitalrecords.utah.gov/