The captive stories

by nik dworek, mary alison turner ,and jonathon jones

Mary Rowlandson

Mary Rowlandson was born in England in 1637 and was brought to the colonies by her parents when she was a toddler .While her husband was away in Boston trying to convince the Colonies leaders to provide military protection for the town, the Indians attacked on February 10, 1676. In 1675-1676 there was a war called King Phillip’s war. Her father became one of the founders of the town Lancaster in Massachusetts Bay Colony. It was caused by the ending of the trade with the Natives and land hungry settlers intruding native territory. The Indians came running killing random people and setting homes on fire just to scare people. Mary was captured along with her three children, one of whom (her six year old daughter Sarah) was mortally wounded during the surrender. Earlier she moved to Lancaster, MA. Later on her husband paid ransom of £20 for Mary Rowlandson and her now two children. On January 1711 she died with a nearly finished book on her desk. They took captives and brutally murdered hundreds of people for everyone to see.