Taylor Swift



1989 Album Release

Taylor Swift teamed up with many songwriters including Mark Antonoff, Ryan Tedder and oh yeah, herself. Her latest album "1989" has broken the record for most album sales in it's debut week, which was previously held b her last album "Red". What a successful artist. On Monday, October 27th, 2014 "1989" was released. On the same day, she appeared on The Ellen Show, where she had her release party. Watch the video below for a quick snippet of what went down:
Taylor Swift Talks '1989'

1989 Track List

Swift released her latest album really recently and there are many amazing tracks on it. The album opens up with "Welcome to New York" which, in my opinion, should be the new anthem of New York. The song references Taylor's new move there and what it would feel like if anyone moved there. "and it said Welcome to New York, it's been waiting for you." The second song is "Blank Space", it is such a good song, everyone is loving it, including Swift's close friend Lorde. It is being speculated that Blank Space will be her second single. The third song is entitled "Style" it is a very fun and pop-ish song. Then there is "Out of the Woods". It is a bit repetative, but very catchy. "Out of the Woods was released before the album, but Swift cleared the air by saying that it wasn't going to be a single. Other songs include: "All you had to do was Stay", "Shake it Off" (If you do not know that song, I feel bad for you), "I Wish you Would", "Bad Blood" (which is speculated to be about Katy Perry), "Wildest Dreams", "How you Get the Girl", "This Love", "I Know Places" and finally "Clean". She offers a deluxe version and an extra three songs and voice memos at Target.