"Technology with Purpose"

NAEA 2015 Conference - RKT

Richard Kerry Thompson

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Technology in the Alternative Setting Beyond the Online Curriculum

Presented by: Richard Kerry Thompson

I invite you to consider the following links of tech tools that I have used in the trenches in an Alternative/Non-Traditional and Traditional setting.

These links have transformed the way I personally and professionally have utilized the brilliant opportunities that the World Wide Web has to offer, going from being overwhelmed to technology with purpose.

May they empower you to grow in your personal and professional life of the digital world. This workshop will empower you to utilize technology with innovation, creation and purpose that maximizes your time, energy and results. You will be able to bring these tools back to your professional life and in the classroom.

Room: Player’s B & C •

Audience: Teachers, School Counselors, Social Workers, School Administrators, Students

Programming Areas: Climate and Culture, Collaboration, Curriculum and Instruction, Dropout Prevention, Leadership, Mission and Purpose, Parent/Guardian Involvement, Program Evaluation, Staffing/Professional Development, Student Assessment, Transitional Planning and Support.

Live Stream of RKT's Presentation

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# 1 Pre-Conference Workshop

Friday, March 27, 2015

(1:00 pm – 2:15 pm)

Room: Player’s B & C

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Technology with purpose

Thank you for joining us today at our presentation on

We have utilized many web-tools to give you an interactive and empowering experience not just for the session but to bring back with you as well.

We will be using

  1. S'More - Web based platform for information
  2. Poll Everywhere - Audience Response System
  3. Today'Meet - Backchanneling for comments and questions
  4. PDF of the Presentation linked to Google Docs
  5. NAEA Radio Channel - Sound Cloud

Our hope is for you to utilize our research on our topic presented & teach you about the webtools to use in your crusade for the education and formation of our youth.

Richard, Brian and Adam

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Resources on this webpage...

As we are a collective body of Educators and believe in utilizing a collective wisdom for the greater good of all, we have embedded links below of all the Web Tools we used in this Webpage for you.


Richard Kerry Thompson & Brain Barber


Hope & Challenge NAEA Conference 2014 by NAEA

More Brilliant Web Tools

Opportunity Youth in America

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2014 Presentation Below - RKT