Mrs. G's Classroom News

April 29, 2017

Classroom Management

I am so very proud of all the students in my classroom for their positive attitude and determination they showed during the M-step testing. The testing sessions were long and not easy. All of my student put forth effort and displayed courage and stamina. Please compliment your child for a job well done! They deserve the praise! Next week we will continue make ups and on last session for math and we will be done! Phew!

I don't have much in the Friday folder today due to the M-step testing. We really took it easy in all subject matters to accommodate for the test.

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Writing Workshop

We made diagrams to fit our description chapter. Because our final published pieces will be a website, students will most likely be finding images on the internet that are allowed to be shared embedded into their site. The diagrams we practiced sketching will be what we hope to find! We also started our sequence chapter by using a flow chart graphic organizer and/or a timeline graphic organizer.

Reading Workshop

We experienced reading a lot of non-fiction this week, especially after we were finished with the M-step and we were waiting for everyone to be finished. Students also made reading goals to focus on for the remainder of the unit to really try hard to improve those non-fiction reading skills.

We started our poetry unit this week since April is Poetry month. We learned about autobiographical and acrostic poems. We read some, wrote some together and wrote some on our own.


We are getting through our fraction unit very SLOWLY. This unit is hard and many concepts are new to students. We will have a study guide at the beginning of next week and test for Unit 8 Wednesday or Thursday. If your child needs extra help with fractions, playing and mastering any third grade fraction skills at will be very helpful! Thanks!
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Science / Social Studies

This week we finished our GoAnimate Wind Farm debate. The students did a great job supporting their claim with evidence in this debate and worked well with a partner. I will work on posting the videos on my website this weekend so you can see all of their hard work. We also watched a Bill Nye Science video on pollution since we enjoyed Earth Day so much last week. We are moving onto Michigan Natural Resources and Michigan Companies next week.
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