Abstract Concepts

Grace French, Evan Garcia


Definition: An unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason

Connotation: ignorance, and bias

Association: racism, and homophobia, sexism

What does prejudice mean to me?

To me someone who is prejudice is someone who can not see beyond their nose, and doesn't look at at the facts before creating and opinion, or someone who isn't open to another way of thinking.

What does prejudice mean in how to kill a mockingbird?

In this book it means the racism some of the people of the town, along with the way that people view Boo. They know almost nothing about him, but have created a strong opinion of him.

What is this concept look like in out society?

In our society people have the opinion that people are prejudice against black people and there is a lot of prejudice between classes and also religious prejudice.


Definition: The quality of mind or spirit that allows a person to face difficulty

Connotation: strong, empowered

Association: overcoming obstacles, leadership

What does this concept mean to you?

I look up to people who are courageous, and strive to have courage myself. Someone who is courageous is someone who has the will to stand up for what they believe in, and doesn't care what people think.

What does this concept look like in TKAM?

Atticus taking the trial head on no matter what everyone in the town says about him, and teaching his children to do the same. Also, Mrs. Dubose was courageous to die in pain, but dying knowing she beat the addiction.

What does this concept look like in our society?

In our society it is rare to stand up for something that contradicts the majority, such as sexism, racism, and peer pressure. People who have the strength to go against the common belief are courageous.