The American System

Matthew Dunning

Purpose of the American System

The American System envisioned a protective tariff, a national bank jointly owned by private stockholders and the federal government, and federal subsidies for transportation projects. It is 3 parts of an economic plan based on Hamilton's financial ideas. This system was designed eaiser and more productive trade in the U.S

Nationalism v. Sectionalism

  • Nationalism- A feeling of pride, loyalty, and protectiveness toward your country. Every nation should strive to be independent and not need to rely on a foreign country for supplies that may be cut off.

  • Sectionalism- Loyalty to the interests of your own region or section of the country, rather than to the nations as a whole. A threat to Nationalism

  • Nationalism- loyalty to the country/// Sectionalism- loyalty to region or state.

Key Componets

- A tariff- Made British goods more expensive, so Americans would buy goods from America.
- A national Bank- A national bank would establish A national currency for America
- Roads and Canals- to improve the transportation systems and to make trade move faster.

Henry Clay

He was born on April 12, 1777, in Hanover County, Virginia. He was a political leader, throughout his life he worked as a frontier lawyer before becoming a Kentucky senator and then speaker of the House of Representatives. He was secretary of state under John Quincy Adams in the 1820s, and then returned to congress. In congress he pushed for The Compromise of 1850 which defused a four-year political confrontation between slave and free states regarding the status of territories acquired during the Mexican-American War in (1846–1848). He died just 4 years after this war on June 29th 1852.