Study Engineering in USA


Study Engineering in USA

Undergraduate engineering programs in USA take 5 years to complete. You are awarded with a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) degree after graduation. Most of the engineering colleges require a SAT exam score if you’re applying for the undergraduate engineering programme. Students applying to graduate engineering programs should have a GRE score apart from having an undergraduate degree in engineering, mathematics or science. Foreign students also need to take the Test of English as Foreign Language Exam(TOEFL).In the United States, most undergraduate engineering programs are accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) to ensure similar course requirements and standards among universities


MBA is one of the most sought after programs, and to get admission in leading USA B-Schools aspirants need to follow certain application procedure. The application procedure of most of the colleges in USA is different but major things are common. The application procedure of MBA programs is not very complicated but requires the right approach and uniqueness in application.

Eligibility for Engineering/MBA in USA

For taking admission in engineering/MBA field in US, a student needs to study subjects like mathematics, physics and chemistry in their senior secondary examination. Some universities prefer students who have done their pre-graduation in field of science and have high academic records.

Following are the requirements to be fulfilled by the student to take admission in engineering:
•Must be from the field of science from a recognized university or board
•High score in GRE
•High score in GMAT if want to pursue dual degree in management and engineering
•TOEFL is compulsory for all international students
•Letters of recommendation
•Statement of purpose

Working and studying in the USA:

Working off-campus is illegal if you are an international student. On-campus employment is limited to 20 hours per week during the regular school term and 40 hours per week during vacations. Even if you are able to work the maximum number of hours permitted, you will earn no more than US$ 4,000 – 5,000 per year. In essence, you will be able to cover up some of your daily expenses.

Off campus Jobs: It may be possible to for students to avail of limited off-campus employment, which is subject to strict regulatory guidelines. It requires approval from US Immigration & Naturalization Service. This approval is not easy to get and depends on a special need.

Study Abroad in USA (MS and Ph.D)

A Master’s degree could be between one to two years.

1. The United States has 168 universities in the world’s top 500, 17 of which are in the top 20.
2. USA Universities are TOP for Masters and PhD Programs.
3. One of the most impressive facts is the large number of presidents, prime ministers and leaders from other countries who have experienced the American education system and graduated from a university or school in the USA.
4. The U.S. is one of the world’s most ethnically and socially diverse nations. Good chances of scholarships, Teaching Assistance, Research Assistantships and Part time jobs for Masters Students.
5. Good job opportunities
6. Graduating from an accredited American school and being exposed to the culture of the American education system is an big investment in future.

Remuneration and jobs after MS in US
1. On an Average a fresher can get around 50 – 100k Salary after Graduation from US University.
2. MS Degree holder will be given preference in TOP US companies.
3. Compared to Salaries in India, US graduate’s salaries are almost 10 times higher.

Green card after MS in USA
1. Green card holders will enjoy benefits of permanent residency in USA.
2. A New bill that is getting support from senators is – All masters, PhD graduates should get Green card immediately after completion of studies in US.