The Vibrant Experience

Gain Clarity, Creativity, and Ease

Like most women, you may feel as if life pulls you in a million directions. . .

As if your life doesn't really belong to you. . . at least not yet.

As if the weight of the world rests on your shoulders,

and everyone needs you, your time, energy, and efforts.

And, while life pulls you in a million different directions,

I'm here to guide you, uplift you, and cheer you on.

Join me for a Vibrant Experience and you'll go from stressed out, overworked, and overwhelmed, to vibrant, energized, and whole.


  • Clarity- get clearer about your "big picture" and what "really" matters to you.
  • Ease- so those feelings of "frustration, irritability, and edginess" are a thing of the past.
  • A New Creativity- engage with The Five Principles of Women's Wellbeing and create space for new ideas, passions, and pursuits! Most importantly, what gives you a deep sense of purpose and joy.

Enjoy Our Live Vibrant Experience Gathering! Explore The Five Principles of Women's Wellbeing— Gain clarity, creativity, and ease.

Dear friend,

Join me, Asia Sharif-Clark, a small group of women, in creative conversations, offering a listening ear, heartfelt support, and cheering you on, every step of the way. Your soft place to land. Feel whole. As your life falls elegantly into place.


  • The Five Principles of Women's Wellbeing and the simple ways to apply them and design the life you are meant to lead.

  • The Five Key Self Discovery Questions to get you clearer and clearer about your vision for you. Moving you toward what matters most to you.

“The utter simplicity of what you’ve narrowed down into these principles is just brilliant, Asia. Such a lovely, lovely work.” -Pat Matson, Arrowbear Lake, CA

“The Vibrant Experience Journal is laid out beautifully. Simple. Not overwhelming after an already overwhelming day. I connected to Principle #3. In the past, I’ve felt uncomfortable when it comes to accepting help from others. After this experience, I feel a sense of ease, open and willing to receive.” -Kalandra Cooke-Goff, PhD, Dearborn Heights, MI

What You Get:

  1. You get me, your personal wellbeing advisor, to guide you on your wellbeing journey.
  2. The Five Principles of Women's Wellbeing Guided Journal to take you step-by-step through each principle.
  3. A fun, engaging, uplifting experience!

When and Where:

Join us on Saturday, August 30th, 2014, from 12-6pm at Walnut Creek Wetland Center, in the Walnut Creek Room to begin your wellbeing journey.

And while this level of personal support would easily cost you $499 or more, you can relax.

You'll enjoy my practical support and guidance, a circle of friends, in relaxed, reflective sessions, voices of wisdom, easy to manage wellbeing lessons, and guided journal exercises, for one gentle payment of $199. For less than the cost of one new outfit and a pair of shoes. . . you can begin your wellbeing journey and lead a life filled with peace, purpose, and joy.

Only one gentle payment of $199.

You have my personal guarantee. If you are not completely thrilled with your experience, you'll get a full refund. Plus, you can keep your Vibrant Experience Journal, my gift to you. So, you have nothing to lose.

And, if you need to cancel, just contact me one week before the date and I'll give you a full refund.

You deserve more than just simply "getting through the day." You are beautiful, extraordinary, one-of-a-kind. . . and deserve to move from overworked and overwhelmed to vibrant, energized, and whole.

Please sign up provide you with the best experience, this session is limited to only 48 women. For a two payment option, just give me a call.

Once you sign up, you'll receive a personal welcome note, in your email inbox, along with a few answers to frequently asked questions. So, sign up below and join me for a fun, engaging, and uplifting wellbeing experience!

Looking forward to welcoming you, guiding you, and cheering you on!

Peace and Blessings,


Asia Sharif-Clark

Founder, Centered Self Worldwide

(540) 314-5404

"I have had a problem with being hard on myself for the past ten years. After the Vibrant Experience, I'm finally able to see my redeeming qualities (a good listener, understanding, and compassionate) and appreciate myself. I highly recommend it."

-Susan Smith, Newport News, VA

"As a perfectionist, it's been extremely difficult to turn over responsibilities. After using these simple principles, I discovered I'm not giving up power, I'm gaining power. Now, it's easier for me to release small tasks and focus on the big picture for my family and business."

-Dr. Hamidah Sharif-Harris, Atlanta, GA

"Every woman should give herself this experience. It made me stop and think in a way I never have before, with a new clarity. Now, I'm clear on where I'm going, and why I'm going."

-Tabitha Shomo, Washington, WV

The Vibrant Experience

Saturday, Aug. 30th, 12-6pm

950 Peterson St

Raleigh, NC

Join us on Saturday, August 30th, 2014, from 12-6pm at Walnut Creek Wetland Center, in the Walnut Creek Room to begin your wellbeing journey.

About Asia


I’m Asia, a name given to me by my parents at six years old (born Aishah) meaning “lively,” “life,” and “the rising sun.” A name which has seen me through many challenges (developing PTSD from an accident and re-learning how to use an escalator, ride a bicycle, drive my car) and led me to ask, “Can I rise. . . again?” “Am I doing what I find meaningful?”

For the first time in my life, I decided not to take a single day for granted. No more putting things off until the “time is right.” I will “feel the texture of today.” Being who I am meant to be, doing what I am meant to do, focusing on what matters most, and having more fun than ever before.

We all go through life challenges that can bring us to our knees and make us question “Who we are” and ask “Am I doing what matters most?” You may even ask, “Can I rise. . . again?” And the answer is yes. Just like the sun, with a light and beauty all your own. So often, we’re hiding the best of ourselves under tasks and responsibilities, with little time to think about who we are meant to become. I created Centered Self for such a purpose: to support you and guide you, as you are becoming your best you. As you give to so many, I’m here to give to you.

It would be my pleasure to welcome you to a Vibrant Experience. Where I look forward to guiding you, supporting you, and cheering you on!

Peace and blessings,

Asia : )

Asia Sharif-Clark

Centered Self Worldwide

Asia Sharif-Clark is the founder of Centered Self Worldwide. Her mission is to strengthen the well-being of 500 million women and take women from overworked and overwhelmed to vibrant, energized, and whole. She is the author of four books and creates well-being experiences for women around the country and around the world.

She is proud to be a new member of the Raleigh, NC area and contribute to the local community as a Vibrant Experience teacher and a sea turtle volunteer on the North Carolina coast.

Asia keeps herself centered by praying, dancing, reading, traveling, and hanging out with the men in her life: her husband, James, and grown sons, Tariq and Rashad. When she’s not working, she’s playing with watercolor, reading, or enjoying coffee at a local café, and she never misses her 2pm nap on Sundays.