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Developing Vocabulary at Home

How is Your Student Developing Vocabulary?

Vocabulary development begins long before a child's school years, by the stimulation of talking at home. Once the child enters school, they begin to gain vocabulary from teachers and the language of books. But, that does not mean that your job is done, parents! You still have a very important job of supporting your student to continue growing in their vocabularies.

How Can You Help?

Students that Struggle with Word Learning

If you're student is struggling with word meanings, that is okay! There are plans we can work together on to change that. First, your student has to be self-aware that it is important for them to learn new terms. Your support of their seeking new terms is tremendous! Show them how you do it in your own life as well.

I will pre-assess your student on the terms and make specific action plans to help your student improve in their word learning, but I'll need your help to carry it over at home too! I will work with your student to make sure that they are learning words in both written and oral format, but you can help too. If you know you're student's vocabulary words, start trying to use them at home. Weave them into conversations and ask your students about them. Your support is so important in making sure that your student achieves in word learning.