By: Emma Lackey

Regions of Texas in which they lived:

The Comanche's settled in the Southern Plains.

What food did they eat?

  • Over all, they ate:
  • Roots
  • Vegetables and Fruits
  • Wild meat
  • In dire times they would eat horse meat
  • They were forbidden to eat dog flesh

They ate food that were native to the land in which they lived in.

The food Pictures:

How did they obtain their food?

The Comanche men hunted the buffalo by driving them off cliffs or stalking them with bows and arrows. As they acquired horses, the Comanche tribe began to pursue the buffalo herds for communal hunts, moving their villages as the buffalo migrated.

Type of dwelling they lived in:

The Comanche's lived in buffalo- hide houses called teepees.

Weapons and Tools they used:

They mainly relied on the buffalo for making their weapons like they used bow and arrows to kill the buffalos, they used the buffalos for their; hides, bones, and meat.

Special traditions they had and/ or Religion:

This being is largely disinterested in humans affairs, and supernatural agency is more a matter for spirits that manifest themselves to humans as animals, miniature people, or ghosts.

Organized of Leadership:

Comanche tribal government was a democartic process, with organized bands.

Where are they located now or what became of them?

The Comanche Tribe now numbers 13,000 persons, with more than half of them residing in this area of the Southwest Oklahoma.

Unique Fact or Characteristic:

The Comanche Indians are a group or Native American Indians who call themselves Numinu, meaning "the people". Aside from buffalo and other meat, their diet consisted of fruits, nuts, and wild root vegetables.