Sinclair-Peters in Thailand

"Only ask and I will give the nations as your inheritance"

New life for Kan

Kan (on the right), is a 17 year old girl in grade 11 who lost her father to a heart attack 2 years ago. His sudden death caused her so much grief that she dropped out of school for a year. Once she came back to school, a friend invited her to the Hope Centre. She loved all the activities, especially baking with P' Sandy! Last month, Kan attended our Thai MB Family Camp. That weekend she asked many questions about Jesus Christ. She was so deeply touched by Christ's promise of eternal life and his call for her to surrender her life to him, that on her own initiative, Kan decided to take off the sacred amulet that she had worn her whole life.

When Kan arrived home from camp she told her mother that she had become a believer in Jesus Christ. Her mother said, "Okay, you can believe in Jesus Christ. But just don't throw away our Buddhist practices." "After all," she said, "you need need to make merit for your father so the spirits will take care of your dad."

This request from her mother left Kan deeply troubled. Kan did not want to upset her mother. But more than anything else, Kan felt a new holy conviction that she was not to sin against Jesus Christ, the only true God. We encouraged Kan to explain as much as she could to her mom and at the same time, ask God to provide for her a way to escape from the daily merit making and eating food sacrificed to idols. Praise God, each day, Kan excitedly tells us all the ways God is helping her stay true to Jesus.

Father God, we lift up many young men and women in our youth group who have been forbidden by their parents to believe in Jesus Christ. We ask that you would draw near to them and strengthen them in their faith through your Living Word. We ask that you would give us increased favor with these parents so that the whole family can be welcomed into your Kingdom and receive your free gift of eternal life. Amen.

I've NEVER heard that before

We were down to the wire. In just a couple days, the team from SVPGMB ( would be here ready to teach English in the schools. Only one problem: There were no schools available. We prayed that God would lead us as we drove down to a local high school we had never visited. As we sat in the school office, explaining the purpose of our visit, the principle of the Buddhist Temple school said to us, "And would you like to share your Christian message in the classroom? That would be fine with me." We were speechless. We have been forbidden to speak about Jesus Christ many times but I had NEVER heard that before. Once I picked my jaw up off the floor I smiled meekly and said, "Thank you very much."

Praise God, this past week the Pacific Grace team performed powerful drimes that opened the door wide for us to share message of Christ's Love and Salvation to over 500 teenagers.

I've NEVER seen that before

"Wow, we've never seen anything like that before," exclaimed many of the youth from Eastview Church." One young man told me, "I don't know if I even got my mom a card last year!"

Worship had just ended at Bethel church on Mother's day when one by one the Thai youth went to the mothers in the church and bowed down. As is custom on the Queen's birthday, the children ask their mothers for forgiveness and the mothers speak blessings over their lives. And once one child starts crying, then even old, tough-hearted men like P' Chin break down and cry too!

Romans 12:10 says, "Love one another with brotherly affection. Out do one another in showing honor."

Always be prepared to preach the Gospel. Whether before kings or mere men.

I don't know whose crazy idea it was to teach police officers, English. But as we stood in front of 60 stern looking men and women, packing guns, we really prayed for courage!

But in just a short time, these tough looking cops became our good friends. The South Vancouver Pacific Grace team did an excellent job re-enacting crimes and police dialogues like: "Stop! Put your hands up."

Each day, we began with a drama and a testimony. Pastor Naat was bold as a lion as she shared the Good News of Jesus Christ while standing in front a large Buddha. Pastor Charlie shared his powerful testimony about how only God can change the heart of a lawbreaker and set them free from anger and addiction. At the end of the week, we placed new testaments and Gospel tracts at the back of the class and invited people to take a copy home. Much to our amazement, the men got up, rushed to the table and picked up a Bible!

When EVERYTHING goes wrong...

The outreach in the local park last Friday was an enormous amount of hard work. But with a team of 23 young people from 3 churches in Vancouver, we hardly felt the pain.

Strangers and new friends that we had invited were just settling into their seats when the dark, black, menacing clouds started rolling in. I was deeply moved to see Pastor Naat and everyone on the team, down on their knees calling out to God to stop the rain. But in the end, the wind picked up and the rain came down in torrents!

Frightened that people would be electrocuted, we made a mad dash to turn off the power and save the instruments. We were surprised to see that many of our new friends stayed to help us and take shelter under a gazebo close by.

Looking at all of the teenagers standing around soaking wet, we saw the opportunity and quickly went to plan B...C...D! Before long, Naen had everyone mixing and mingling and shouting, "rock-paper-scissors" The skies started to clear and Pacific Grace team gave testimony and performed their powerful Gospel dramas on the grass. Ajaan Naat wrapped up the evening with an invitation for people to put their faith in Jesus Christ. We heard almost 30 young people pray out loud and ask Christ to be Lord of their life. Yes, everything went wrong, but for God, it was ALL right. And He did more than we could have asked or imagined! All The Glory Goes To God!

Its not what you know but WHO you know...

One day while teaching at the Police station, Ajaan Naat came to me in a panic and said, "Louise, if we bring the semi-trailer with the stage into city park, the police will stop us! What will we do?" I looked around at the 60 police officers that we were teaching and began to smile. I said, "Naat, after 3 days of free teaching, don't you think there might be just one person here who could help us?" She saw me wink and began to laugh. That afternoon we walked out of the police department with a business card and phone number of a high ranking officer. Their parting words to us were: "If anyone gives you any trouble just call me!"

Fast-forward to Friday night... We were running through last minute sound checks for the concert. Suddenly, a drunk man starts being "overly-friendly" with the team from Canada. We tried for about an hour to keep him happy but our patience was wearing thin. At one point our drunk friend started taking all the candy we hand prepared for the children. Finally, Ajaan Naat said to him, "If you take that candy I'm going to call the police!" He was just about to walk away with the loot when a man sitting with his kids in the front row said, " I'm a police officer. Touch that candy and you're going to jail!" The man dropped the candy and ran! We all laughed and praised God that we were surrounded by so many new "strong friends" that night!

We love Pineapples!

First Pineapple MB Church or "Agape House" was birthed last week when God opened the doors for us to go into a pineapple factory close to Bo Thong. Praise God, around 20 Burmese men and women put their faith in Jesus Christ.

Dave & Louise Sinclair-Peters

We love our work! Everyday we have the opportunity to share the life transforming love and power of Jesus Christ. Jesus' name is being proclaimed, new communities of faith are growing and many Thai and Burmese are trusting in Jesus as their Savior and Lord!

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