Pediatric Nurse

Madison Shropshire

What is a Pediatric Nurse?

A pediatric nurse is a nurse that focues their career on taking care of children of all ages. Pediatric nurses take care of children from when they are infants up into their teenage years. They do everything a regular nurse does to patients, pediatric nurses just take care of the children.
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The Education

  1. First a person must become a Registered Nurse (RN).
  2. Then they need to earn a Bachelor's Degree, which takes up to 4 years to earn.
  3. Earn a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Degree.

Salary and Expected Growth

  • Salary: $48,000 - $68,000 a year.
  • Experience pediatric nurses can earn up to $100,000
  • Over the next 10 years there will be an expected increase in demand for Pediatric Nurses.

Colleges For Pediatric Nurses To Be

  • Duke University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Vanderbilt University

(These are only a few)

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