Written by Simon Adams Photographed by Andy Crawford

World war 2 book

The genre of this book it non-fiction. The eyewitness book World war II has lots of facts about world war two. It also has the special weapons and tools they used to fight in world war II. This book is also great for learning and resources for a project or paper.

Some interesting facts

That POW's or prisoners of war made weapons out of materials to kill the prison guards to escape. The us joined the war when the japan attacked US Pearl Harbor. 150,000 US,British,and Canadian landed on D-day invasion.


If You love war and learning about World War II you will love to read this one.


As a reader this book is great for a war project or a just for information. It's also fun and good to read about World War II.


In fact this book could help you learn about World War II. It could also help with a World War II. It very informational.
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