Quick Guide to Flipped Learning

What is Flipped Learning?

Quick Guide to Flipped Learning

Goals of Flipped learning

  • To reduce the amount of time spent in class on lecturing.
  • To utilize the class time for active learning strategies.
  • To focus more on understanding and application of concept.
  • To provide learners more control over their own learning.
  • To give learners a greater sense of their own responsibility of learning.
  • To encourage peer learning.

Steps to Flipping your Classroom

Relationship between Flipped Learning and Bloom's Taxonomy

Overcoming the Drawbacks of Flipped Learning

  • Recording and creating lectures requires effort and time. However, many open resources are available, you may re-use, re-purpose or modify them with minimal effort.
  • If students are not used to flipped learning, they may be anxious. Hence, help your students understand the benefts of flipped learning.