NFL Pilgrimage

Venus Triplett

Taking the first step

As I go into the Pilgrimage, I will be entering the NFL football field to learn and gain some experience with the NFL. I am fast, smart and bright. I know when I go experience in the NFL I will be doing a lot of work to get to where I need to be. So let me start my pilgrimage.

NFL Pilgrimage

Thursday, Nov. 13th, 9pm

Chicago, Detriot,and New york


Chicago, Detroit, and New York

As I hit out of Kansas. I will be making my way first to Chicago, Detroit, and then New York. I will having all types of communication with all types of coach, professionals and people. Hopefully, I'll be successful and bright to others. All I need is a ticket and my licences to go. My brother will be traveling with me through this pilgrimage.

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