John Brown - A Savior or Killer?

By: Anthony Oswald

Who Is He?

John Brown wasn't the guy everybody said he was. From my point of view and from being an eye witness during this horrific, disastrous, event, I found out that John Brown is not a savior but more of a killer. He is not a man worthy of his word, especially if hes saying he was sent down by God to end slavery. No, he was sent down from God to start a war, a massacre, a terrifying event.

This, Is The Story.

John Brown was a man who believed he was sent down from God to help end slavery. Not all people thought that was true, some people simply he was just a crazy lunatic, including me because I've seen his actions in real life. It was May 24, 1856, I was sitting on my porch, smoking a cigar, when all of a sudden I hear voices or grown men, begging for mercy for them to keep their lives. I didn't know what to think, so I grabbed my shotgun and ran to the corner on the road. I peek over the side of a tree, and there he was, John Brown with several New Englanders killing slave owners. I couldn't believe what i was seeing. I couldn't get a clear look but I'm almost positive that there were 5 slave owners begging for help. And that's when i noticed, John Brown was a killer.