Fax Over IP

The new Fax over IP system is set up and ready to go. What this means is that you will now send and receive faxes through your email. In addition, once the new Multi-function devices (MFD's) are installed all employees will be able to send a fax from the MFD (but only those assigned a fax number will be able to receive a fax in their email).

To get started you will need to complete a couple of steps.

  • Click the link below and read and complete the steps in the document titled "Creating a Fax Coversheet and Sending a Fax"
  • Read the document "Filtering Faxes in Gmail" and then if you do not want to see all faxes in your inbox set up this filter once you have received your first fax (this will probably be all principals and directors).
  • Look at the "2014-2015 Fax Extensions Updated July 2014" for your department/school and make sure that everyone is listed in the correct position. Many people have moved over the summer and we tried to make all these corrections, but let me know if we have missed anyone.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


Rebecca Turner

System Software Specialist