By Matthew Ryan

Me when I was 5 years old

My favorite food is pancakes

Animal are awesome

Toys R us


Hero's like Hulk

Elephants are big

Watch blues clues


Life is like heaven

filled with joy

and peace

and calm.

Heaven carry's so

much happiness

when you have

hope and faith.

Video Games are awesome

What brings joy into my life

is playing video games.

I'm also awesome in many ways

and people know it and I know it.

The games that I play is

call of duty and grand theft auto.

Video games are fun to play but

not good to play all day.

Now I barely play video games

I usually go outside and skateboard.

Also I eat healthy and

stay active every day now.

Elegy to Mom

Loosing someone close to you make it

real hard to focus at school and anywhere.

Especially when it's my

mom I loved her so much.

When I lose my mom I was sad

and I was so in pain and depressed.

I missed the thing that we do,

like going to the park to skate.

My mom was awesome, honest,

and loyalty to each other.

We always have good times together

and she's always there for me in my heart.

Chines New Year Dragon

The dragon from the

chines new year.

It's big, long, and

breaths out fire.

The dragon holds

people inside it.

A dragon is dangerous

but not at a new year.

The dragon is important

in the new year.

The dragon is awesome

because it can breath fire.


I went skateboarding

at the skate park

board sliding on the rail,

so I wouldn't be a couch potato,

dropping in the big one felt like a cat chasing a mouse

and when my brother did a awesome trick it felt like

a new year party in Las Vegas.


Math is boring, long,

and annoyed. Math

is also painfully slow,

and hard. Math has

lots of problems that

I can't solve. Math is

the class that most

people hates.

20 years from now

Read books

Youtube channel


NFL Professional Player