Where will you go in the USA?

The three city in the USA

We first city is Miami

Miami is in the Florida. We go to Miami beach. Miami beach is very beautiful and warm. We going to the Miami beach to surf and swim. We will be funny!

Miami Beach

We second city is Boston

Boston is in the Massachusetts. Boston is famous for its 'Faneuil Hall Marketplace(Quincy Market)'. We to visit Quincy Market. And we shopping in a Quincy Market.

Also, Is the streets of Quincy Market famous for 'street performances'. Musicians and amateur singers perform on the streets of Quincy Market. We let see the street performances!

Street Performers at Faneuil Hall Marketplace!

We third city is New York

Go to New York! We will go to the Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty is on Liberty Island near New York City. We take a photograph in a Statue of Liberty!

also, we will go to Central Park. We have a plans to go for a walk in the Central Park. Take a walk and we will feel the afford.

Statue of Liberty