Collaborative School Culture

Virtual Flash Mob: May2017

SAVE THE DATES! EMBED in School Improvement Plans!

We are happy to bring this work to your building during district professional learning events.

NEW! Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports: Flexible Professional Learning Model

We have re-designed the professional learning model for PBIS so that it more accurately responds to the diverse needs of schools throughout the county. Most buildings are implementing PBIS, but each school has its own strengths and weaknesses. We are responding to that by offering individual modules separately so that schools can participate in opportunities they need. You can learn, definitively, what your current areas of need are by taking the Tiered Fidelity Inventory, which will be a crucial part of all opportunities. Contact Mary Perfitt-Nelson if you haven't yet assessed team implementation.

The first opportunity PBIS Kickoff is on August 23rd, 2017. This is an opportunity for school teams to come together to assess where they are and create an action plan around their own strengths and weaknesses. This will inform the building about needs so that they can choose one or more other opportunities during the school year. Schools new to PBIS or those needing to regroup are welcome. PBIS ReCharge! Is a one day, abbreviated event for school teams who want to assess current state and create an action plan to take back to their school. Outcomes: understanding of the PBIS model; assessment of current state; analysis of strengths and weaknesses. Registration link for the August 16th event is here. PBIS Liftoff will focus on staff culture, including assessment and strategies to obtain commitment. Participants will design a roll-out plan, including whole-staff presentations.

See below for more information. Registration links coming soon.

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Oakland County School Climate Survey

We are collecting important data for the county around school culture/climate. The Oakland County School Climate Survey, formerly known as the Student Engagement Survey, has evolved to include staff, parent and student options. This survey was created to provide schools with very detailed information about the perceptions of their building from the view of staff, parents and students. Domains include: behavior interactions, fair and clear practices, engagement and encouragement, respectful interaction and pride, cultural relevance, caring environment and expectations. We have added questions around emotional literacy and the degree to which staff culture is collaborative. Schools completing any of the surveys will be given a fabulous report with easily interpretable graphs so that meaningful conversations are possible. For more information please contact:

Dr. Jason Almerigi, District and School Services 248-209-2340

Emergency contact: 517-580-2561

Curated Content

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Oakland Schools

Mary Perfitt-Nelson, Special Pops/School and Classroom Culture

Project Lead: Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, Oakland

Certified Coordinator: Schoolwide Information Systems; PBIS Assessments; Early Warning Systems

Trainer: CHAMPS Classroom Management, Discipline and Organization

Other Staff Engaging in This Work

Debbie Backy, Project Assistant

Karen Gomez, Mental Health and Project Aware

Christina Harvey, Health/Project Aware

Dr. Julie McDaniel, Student Safety and Well-Being

Dr. Jay B. Marks, Social Justice and Cultural Competence

Mary Perfitt-Nelson, Special Pops/School/Classroom Culture

Steve Whitmore, Special Pops/School Social Worker

Karen Rockhold-Beeler, Supervisor, Special Populations

Scott Felkey, Supervisor, Climate and Culture Unit