Pill Bug Project

By: America, Dalon, and Antonio


When exposed to ammonia for time trials of 30 seconds, will the pill bugs be attracted to the side with ammonia or to the side without?


If pill bugs are exposed to ammonia for 30 second intervals, then some of the pill bugs will move to the clean side because of their survival instincts.

Control set up:

Two clean petri dishes with five pill bugs in each.
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In this Lab the measurement of pill bugs will be seen over in 30 seconds intervals measuring where the go in that span of time and see their reaction the ammonia and comparing them to how pill bugs move around in a normal petri dish with no outside influnce.


  • Ten pill bugs
  • Two petri-dishes
  • Cotton ball
  • Ammonia
  • Timer

Manipulated variable procedure:

  1. Place five bugs in each dish.
  2. Place ammonia soaked cotton ball in one of the dishes.
  3. Time for 30 seconds intervals.
  4. Observe/record data.

Control procedure:

  1. Place five bugs in each dish.
  2. Time for 30 second intervals.
  3. Observe/record data.


In the control test there was very little movement between the two petri dishes. Within the last 30 seconds trial, one worm made its way to the other side. There were some fatalities in the dish with ammonia. The worms in the clean petri dish survived the test. The worms in the ammonia side died almost instantly. After the first 30 seconds, they stopped moving and began to die. There were no living worms in the side with the ammonia after the 3 minutes had passed. They made no attempt to move away from the ammonia.


From this data we found that the worms didn't move away from the ammonia however a flaw in this experiment was due to the exposure of the ammonia several of the worms died and thus were unable to move.


In conclusion We found that the ammonia did not affect the worms in how they moved but with the flaw in the experiment mention earlier the data we gained has become null and the experimentation needs revision to be able to obtain proper data and reach a more sound conclusion